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Think*. Respect*

We are delighted to have a contribution to our weekly Blogfest of modest musings by Lord Rainford's Butler and the proclamations of El Presidente by another Member

And what a Member (ooh Matron!) None other than our Refereeing Supremo Jeff Betty Birchall

Invoking the words of the Queen of Soul, Jeff has penned a short article to point a vital Home Truth and invite y'all to contemplate before opening up

Engage Brain the Open Mouth (and even then only if you really have some positive to bring to the party)

"As a former player and fully qualified Referee I know how frustrating it can be when your team is not reaching the highest standards or you think the Referee isn't watching the same game as you! After many years of watching and listening to all of this I've come to realise This doesn't do You or Your fellow Players or indeed the Referee any good at all

It's so much more enjoyable to channel your energy into positivity and encouragement than criticism After all you probably will rarely reach such high standards consistently if ever Most players steer wide of volunteering to Referee or think twice that with no Referee there's no game"

Think* and Respect* - Aretha Franklin the unquestioned Queen of Soul

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St Helens Walking Football
St Helens Walking Football
22 de nov. de 2023
Avaliado com 5 de 5 estrelas.

Great blog and many thanks to our very own qualified Ref Jeff (Betty) Birchall

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