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The Night*

Oh what a night* Our penultimate Wednesday session of 2020 went much better than the rest of this difficult year. ‘Because the night* we settled into our task with ease and enjoyment, John Davies led the assembled masses in a good warm-up and then selected teams based on the much-heralded Moneyball theories. Davies Delivers!

Until the night* we had been plagued by imbalanced sides with much head scratching and discontent. But last night was different and it will live on as the night when things changed.

It became known forever more as, ‘The night they drove old Deggsy down*.

So much to write when often there is too little to recall. Let us start with the night's first incident.

Williams takes the knee (and the rest of the leg too)

Martin Williams earned the accolade of the Club's 1st Blue Card scything down the hapless Derek Taylor with dismissive ease. Taylor has often been referred to as the next Tom Daly, his histrionics as wild as his shooting, but there was no denying the cynical dismantling of Huyton's finest on this occasion. The resulting free kick was dropped off to Chris who buried a low shot into the corner of the net.

It should be acknowledged that at this stage, the Orange had started brighter and led with goals from the effervescent Mike Harrison and Mick Machin. Blacks had presented both chances with erratic distribution and a leg-hanging attempt at keeping. Chris then punished Orange with a shot described by Clark G, as one to “leave it lads it’s a mile wide”. The corner of the net bore witness to just how far-off target the shot was. 2-2 and all to play for.

Little mention has been made yet of the performance of our Referee Steve Pitt. He had handled the game with steely determination but it was the manner in which he dealt with Bad boys Williams & Harrison that set the tone for the rest of the night.

Indeed he might have been heard to sing ‘Gonna make this a Night to remember*‘.

Harrison grabbed a 2nd goal for his efforts but literally “ran into difficulties” with his version of walking too often brought to book by the man in the middle. Elsewhere I will publish a Referee’s vision on the whole running – walking debate but there is too much action still to report in this Blog.

Inevitably Black found parity with a superb strike from Chris his third of the night. The Blacks by now had secured their hold on the game with Geoff, Peter and Martin B impressing with a high line that kept their goal intact for the remaining period.

Minutes left to play, Chris unleashed a shot that was miraculously saved by Mick H. Mick H had decided by now that a spell in goals might save him from the ref’s wrath and see the Orange through until full time.

With minutes left a foul on the edge of the Orange box led to a free kick and brilliantly placed shot into the far corner of the net by Phil. 4-3 to Black as time elapsed. All agreed it was a terrific contest with the Moneyball selections securing the most entertaining game for some time.

Just 2 sessions remaining in this Covid-stricken year.

Well played everyone.

Headline News*

Brack ‘live’ matter. Les Brack was the lucky(?) winner of Wille Wonka’s Golden Ticket with a ticket for the night’s Live Premier League action at Anfield. Billed as the ‘media darlings derby’ Klopp v Mourinho Les enjoyed his night though he did admit to misjudging the Liverpool chances of a late goal from a corner “f#$kin waste of time this” At this point there was a goal from the head of Firmino. Gaz Clark judgment right there!!

Song References*

The Night* Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons

December 1963 Oh What a Night* Frankie Valli and the Four Sesaons

Because the Night* Patti Smith (Bruce Springsteen)

Until the Night* Billy Joel

The Night they drove Old Deggsy Down* inspired by The Band

Gonna make this a Night to remember Shalimar

Headline News Edwin Starr

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Great blog for a great night

Not sure the order of the goals scored is right but the sentiment is there

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