For the 3rd week running, the hex of the far goal meant a goalkeeping error affected the result at Sutton, as the Blues overcame the Reds 3-2.

With 22 players present (a great turnout) it has to be said at times the pitch resembled Westfield Street in St Helens on a day when Birchall's Pie Shop have announced a buy one get one free offer.

We DID start out with 21. But new arrival Wayne, after 10 minutes of watching the shambles in front of him decided there was nothing to fear, donned a red shirt, got stuck in and had a good game.

'Good game' did not describe the blues in that early period. Utter confusion led to goals from Chris and Colin and only "the curse" causing Tom to throw a shot from Gaz into his own net kept the half time score at 2-1.

But Blues got a grip in the 2nd half, with Mick scoring two crackers, and taking control in midfield. Just as well as no-one else could get it on target, and indeed tonight saw our first ever shot (I think??) which cleared the back fence (Hall of Fame entry for Gaz Clark).

But Blues did not have it all their own way and held on thanks to some brave goalkeeping from both Dave and Steve and a somewhat liberal interpretation of the 'no running' rule from the officials (*). But with some canny time management near the end (i.e. booting the ball as far away as possible when reds got a free kick) the Blues hung on for a 3-2 win!

Well played all. Back to it next Wednesday....and Monday too!

(* Bet that bit gets edited out...) Not when CF is editing !!!

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