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That Materazzi moment relived

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

The biggest stage of all, the whole world watching, a stray insult about an opponent’s mother and Zizu launches his head into the chest of his protagonist Of course he sees Red and France lose their talisman and World Cup Final chances to Italy For those who recall that moment of madness had the chance to relive the incident this morning, featuring two of SHWF‘s milder mannered minnows That aggressor Mika found a way to slip into a head on challenge with Chopper was a stretch in itself But to then follow through and lay the giant flat on his back was surely unexpected! Chopper collected Mike’s shoulder directly into his own right knee Unsure who was at fault if indeed anyone was at fault, the Chairman swiftly arranged to restart from the nearest keeper after checking both players were fit to continue Moments later a slightly dazed Chopper takes time out to explore the damage done with the help of Chairman and Captain Andy

It was quickly determined that no real damage but some shock had been inflicted Chopper takes over as keeper to lick his wounds (no wounds were harmed during this part of today’s Blog)

Eighteen limbered up with varying degrees of commitment to the cries of ‘this isn’t for my benefit guys!’ Perhaps some need to consider if they were to put a little more effort into their preparation they might reap the rewards in their games? But let’s not reinvent the wheel just yet

3 teams of six were soon elected using a variant of Moneyball, the resulting teams a testament to the Club’s algorithmic expertise

Green - Mica, Les, one more John, Foxy (his Club debut), Andy and Speedo Mick

Red - Jeff, Alex, Nigel, Tom, Tony and Chopper

Black - Phil, Steve B2R, Wayne, Dave Seagull, Mark, Steve

In a bewildering opening match Greens pipped Reds with the solitary goal a fine team move finished with Foxy firing across the edge of the area where One More John diverted the ball into the net Both teams probed for further scoring but were denied by good defensive organisation The second game was equally close with Steve B2R capping a good personal session with a well taken goal, only for Les to earn Green a share of the spoils with neat finish

The game witnessed some cynical time wasting by the Blues at times but Les intercepted a poor clearance to grab a leveller that the neutral (one only) felt was a lesson for adopting such negative tactics especially so early in the day

Tom Parr returned from his stint at Cambridge to grab three goals and a match ball His studies in that fair city was time well spent by the looks of it!

Les grabbed a further goal, despite Alex attempting to fool the Ref with a slapstick comedy fall Steve scored a peach with some great control in a congested area Mica continued to glide across the AstroTurf with an astonishing work ethic Even Tony’s attempt to claim a penalty for a grab on his ‘Shert’ was worthy of a mention

In short we had a very enjoyable session with no histrionics or squabbles played in humid conditions but above all in a friendly sporting attitude

Same again on Wednesday?

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