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Wednesday's session underlined the benefit of recent specialist skills training with a flurry of goals and some stunning play across the board. Coach Davies warm up routines are improving players game preparation with the risk of strains generally diminished but the in-session drills have added a new dimension for some seasoned members. But more on that later.

Our session was observed by a posse of visitors from Marine AFC's Walking Footballers Northern Lights. Their aim was to examine how we go about our sessions, with particular regard to non-contact and the impact of an official WFA qualified referee. John Roche who was a semi-pro with Marine, has recently completed a WFA Grassroots Coaching qualification with our Chairman on the same course, explained that their group has tended to play a less structured game more like senior 5 a side soccer. As safety is always a concern with older players the style of our sessions with non contact and 3 touch helps to prevent needless injuries.

The teams were:

Reds; Chris, John H, Jeff, Deggs, Joe and Colin

Sky: Ian H, Phil, Dave B, Les, Tony and Martin W

Dark Blue; Tom, Alan, Lee, Steve, Andy and Gareth

Games started with some stirring work from combinations, passing and movement providing good opportunities for strikers Chris, Colin, Les and Steve.

There was time for Deggsy to take to the goalkeeping duties and having kept a clean sheet he soon blotted his copybook with a bizarre own goal. But the real star of the night was Steve Forshaw with a salvo of 2 goals in successive games. Steve enters the Hall of Fame as the first Over 60 to grab 3 or more goals in a single session! Adding insult to injury one of the goals was a sublime nutmeg on Chris, afterwards Coach Davies remarked that Steve's technique has sharpened up in the past month. The ability was always there but now he's sharper more aware about his game. Well done Steve.

It was a night of goals with Chris hitting 3 and Ian H scoring all 3 of his sides goals with some decisive strikes. Deggsy was as ever always in the game with his all action game falling foul of Referee Pitt's displeasure. The inevitable Blue card was avoided by a change of referee for the final match, with the Chairman more lenient perhaps that our jack-booted regular official. There was a flurry of tasty challenges but all fair and acceptable to both officials. All in all a good session with all sides playing their part in the entertainment on view.

Well played everyone

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