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Standing in the Hall of Fame*

Match of the Day 2 sometimes pundit Jermaine Jenas (and fulltime overachiever) summed up a game featuring Birmingham's finest Club using the words " Villa were a little bit more better". A staggering insight to beam into households on a Sunday night. Last night's St Helens WFC games proved that Oranges were indeed a little bit more more better on the night!

After a sunny afternoon the weather turned challenging as a chill wind swept around Sutton Leisure's AstroTurf facility as the evening set in. Paying scant regard for the difficulties of the traffic mayhem sent to try members ion their journey to the ground, 21 hardy souls were again put through their paces by Football Manager/Coach Davies. Members numbers swelled during the workout, why even the ironic applause for the arrival of Colin Williams failed to dent the feeling of wellbeing and camaraderie evident.

Three teams of 7 were selected by the now well oiled machine that is Moneyball, as follows:

Orange: Deggs, Ian B, Tom, Jeff, Tony, Gareth and Peter

Red; Chris, Joe, Dave B, Les, Lee, Andy and John H

Sky; Colin, Ian H, Martin W, Dave (Grazer), Steve, Alan and Phil

The opening matches Orange and Red then Orange and Sky produced lots of attractive football, some decent movement but just a few chances. Joe spurned the best of these when clear through. His late run from the Sidac pitch finding the freedom to waste a golden opportunity. Orange took a measure of control but couldn't create the opening their command deserved. Reds on paper had an excellent combination of guile and steel but were kept at bay especially by Orange, superbly organised rearguard. Sky had chances in all their games but were too often forced to defend their backline by Orange too.

The night's opening goal was put away with some style by Deggsy who was played in after good work by Tom & Jeff. Soon after Ian B took a tricky chance to double the lead, his goal initially questioned by the Referee Herr Pitt (who had another good night in Black or was it Yellow? The potential handball was adjudged by VAR to be perfectly fine, VAR 1 v Official 0. Or 2-nil to Orange the night's first win, first goals and the Harrys Award for Nicest Kit.

What could go wrong now? Well of course the answer was nothing. Orange secured their second victory of the night with another 2-0 with a brace from the ever-willing Taylor D. And so it came to pass that the Orange were the night's only victors with 2 wins. Furthermore the Orange were the only team to score a goal with Deggsy Taylor grabbing the match ball to take home (or at least to the Turks Head). His celebration the trademark raising of the shirt to reveal his belly, hasn't been seen before and let's hope normal service returns soon. Luckily there are lots of barndoors around from him! Nice to see him enter the Hall of Fame - its right up there with his entries in our Hall of Shame (Blue Card Category).

Thanks to all who played, the close nature of the games shows that improvement is sweeping across the membership. John Davies patient prompting of touch and practice does appear to working well. The attitude remains first class

Some better news of John Carson who has finally undergone surgery and has taken his first steps in 2 weeks. Physio will be tough now but he is underway now with the best wishes of all connected to the Club.

See you all on Monday.

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