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So near yet so far

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

A much colder Ruskin this Monday morning tested the resolve of those walking footballers who had been foolish enough to turn up in short sleeved shirts.

Another good turnout meant a 7 a side game with a very evenly contested first half.

That did change when Blues temporarily went a man down at the start of the second half. For the Reds, canny Tom and Andy kept possession whilst Martin and Alan battled in the Reds defence but could not prevent Blues going 4-1 up.

Blues fought back into it with two goals from Hawkins J. His first, a sublime finish from a searching John Eden cross. After his second Reds became distracted by the fear of Mr Hawkins getting a third and the threat of having to hear him bore on about it all through the winter. But this distraction allowed others free and Steve took full advantage to square the scoreline with minutes to go.

A further goal (sorry I can't remember who by) put Reds back in front. Could our hero get his hat trick and save the Blues?

Into the last minute and following some clever play down the left by David and Wayne for the Blues; a half chance beckoned.......

.......and not for the first time this week a shot from someone in a Brighton shirt hit the post.......

Well played everyone. A good competitive game played in great spirit.

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Peter Fitzpatrick
Peter Fitzpatrick
30 בספט׳ 2020

Another great turn out and full marks to our roving reporter who modestly downplayed his role in the mornings entertainment

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