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Shot (at) Both Sides*

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Our blog today is courtesy of our very own Cockney Rebel, Martin Briggs; with news of a new facility at Ruskin Drive, possibly in response to our wayward goal attempts!

12 Hardy members turned out for Mondays Ruskin football feast. Although only 11 played (Alex came to ensure the clubs finance's were looked after). Capt Andy put the players through a new warm up routine doing most stretching on our bums. Les sorted the teams with the thoughtful process of those on the left got purple bibs, those left got yellow.

Purple: Tom Stretch, Citeh Geoff, Colin the late, Sheila, Tony Snakehips, Mark Davies (no relation)

Neon Yellow: Andy Capt, Donal, Cockney Reb, Steve Honeyman, Les Meldrew,

The game was an even affair with both teams playing good football and good passing. Shooting was as usual mainly off target - Ruskin must have been watching our shooting as they have installed a net across the half way line to help us retrieve the ball - until Colin received a good pass in space and opened the scoring. Later during an attempt to get to the ball Colin was taken down by a sniper and red carded - he actually pulled his calf and had to retire from the game. The teams were now 5 aside and yellow should have pushed more but purple lifted their game.

The game flowed with purple never behind. The game ended 5-4 with Colin's goal plus Tom & Mark getting 2 apiece, a stunner from Mark into the top corner. Yellow responded with 1 from Steve, a pen from Cockney Rebel (after Mark tried to cut out a ball across the keeper's area to Les) 2 from Donal ( 1 right as time was called). A good game enjoyed by all with an after game discussion in the slipper room.

Shot (at) Both Sides* - Magazine - 1978

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