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She’s a winner*

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Back in 1972 those perennial favourites of a young Lord Rainford, Messrs Gamble and Huff let loose on the world possibly the absolute most horse racing themed single of all time

Their recording of the Intruders - She’s A Winner* included a litany of racing terms as well as a catchy beat to entertain the world’s youth It serves a reminder of a number of things;

A - Catchy tunes used to sell

B - Disco really was a thing

C - This Friday the Club is hosting a Race Night at Ruskin Drive’s Percival Suite - tickets available from your own Cockney Rebel

D - By sheer chance, and desperation to provide another link, Sheila scored a memorable goal during Monday’s Ruskin session for the Blacks

Lest we forget there was another full house at Ruskin on a very pleasant Monday morning for the first event of a busy football week

A vast collection of players presented themselves available for possible transfer to Chelsea FC as the picture below shows Treasurer Les Meldrew and El Presidente rejected a request for a loan move for an unnamed member from an interested Merseyside Club who had dispatched a scout to sound out the SHWFC resolve

“Tell them we want cash in untraceable notes” might or might not have been heard across the Ruskin AstroTurf as Andy Man(anger) put his players through their warm up routines

New bibs awaited the selection process, so new and adequate bibs for all, a cunning pitch & games schedule was available to view What could possibly go wrong?

This is after all SHWFC and so the clear and obvious answer was ‘human nature’ In an effort to provide a series of 5 games each El Pres’ tried to herd teams to their first round of games to discover that some people neither heard or listened or were remotely aware that we wanted to get underway

One step at a time! One step too soon more likely The teams selected were;

Orange - Julie, Grav, Thatto Dave, Paul Jennings, Eileen and Steve Goldie

Sky - Enoch, Daz, Dave Prime, John Pidgeon, Harry and Liz

Black - Andy Man, Grazer, Tom Derby, Sheila, Julie and Haggis

Purple -Jill, Jeff Betty, Roger, Les, Sharon, Anita and Dave Seagull

Pink - Tony Snakehips, Little John, Tom Stretch, Haggis and Mark NR

Green - Steve Ford, new boy Jeff Chesworth, Cockney Rebel, Robin and Jane (guest appearance brief El Presidente)

In the opening sequence with teams starting at unintentional different kick off times no team could find the net

On pitch C the latest signing by the Club (pitch signing that is) There was an enforced delay as one of the sides decided to move the markings around

No one would admit responsibility or could explain why the resulting playing time was limited to just 3 or 4 minutes but that’s walking football

Can’t live with it Can’t live without it! Sky did show a better cohesion than their Orange opponents but couldn’t breach their resolute defence

Pink and Black were evenly matched also whilst Pink and Purple indulged in the marking gate fiasco In Round Two we had a flurry of goals with Liz and Dave Prime securing a win for Sky over a depleted Green team that struggled to threaten the Sky area in a great way

The extra player helped but there was some in balance too, something that prompted action in the next round of games

Elsewhere Referee Chopper Williams witnessed another scoreless feast on Pitch A with neither Black or Purple on the mark

Kirsty Stockton officiated the Orange and Pink match which was settled by a solitary goal by Jill 1-0 Round Three presented the chance for ‘one man short’ Green to augment their ranks with the Guest keeper, blog writer, referee and time keeper El Pres’ Black made little of the Gove-like ‘levelling up’

Despite a couple of saves goals by Andy Man and a crashing volley by Sheila sealed the 2-0 win Sheila’s goal was reminiscent of the infamous beach ball goal at the Stadium of Light in October 2009 when Sunderland scored thanks to a deflection off a Liverpool fan donated beach ball

Darren Bent (the player not one of our guy’s position) was the grateful recipient Jamie Carragher, a one-time player it reckons on the BBC website, claimed “we wuz robbed’

No one could corroborate the claim and the goal stood The Round’s other games ended scoreless on Pitch A (Pink v Sky)under the Chopper influence, a theme developing here Julie, Paul and Thatto Dave steered Orange to well deserved win against Purple

And so to the final segment of matches with a veritable goal fest to tempt back any spectator who might have contemplated an early exit

What and miss the cake? A one sided score line 4-0 hid a much closer contest with a hat trick by Mark NR -scored with his usual economy of effort, plus another Jill special to flatter Pink in their game with Purple

Purple lacked the cutting edge that Pink’s all round play offered

Elsewhere Orange pipped Green by 3 goals to nil Chopper signalling his first goals of the session Sky and Black was Tom Derby, Harry and Dave credited with the goals 3-0 to Black

The session ended with 2 cakes to mark the anniversary of the first ever cake (we do like a celebration in the Slipper Room) and Birthday (Tuesday 31st January) of Dave Grazer Clark

As usual at these fevered times This Blog was written in good faith from information provided at the time and therefore cannot be considered honest or accurate The Club’s Solicitor will fire off a super injunction if anyone deigns to disagree

She’s A Winner - The Intruders


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