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Running (surely not) in The Family*

It was a brisk Monday morning at Ruskin Drive as thirty-one members of SHWFC (includes two injured members who to refereed, Martin Chopper Williams and Jill Tomo Thomas) arrived promptly. The north wind blew four new members our way

Liz McDonald (not from Coronation Street, Julie Simmons, Jim Simmons (Daughter & Dad – now there’s another first!) & Ray Carroll (from Snakehips school of dance) was welcomed by the group. Andy (Capt., from now Manager) gave a quick run (geddit?) through the rules of Walking Football for the benefit of new members and reminder to everyone else, he next put the group through a quick warm up.

Les picked the teams using his own version of Moneyball namely You six There, There, There and There. In an extraordinary quirk of fate, the teams worked out very evenly balanced ensuring a fine morning’s sport for all

The teams were.

Orange: Mika, Margaret, Chris Willo, Tony Snakehips, Ray on debut, Eamon & Little John.

Yellow: Jim and Julie a joint debut, Andy Capt., Donal, Anita, Mark No Relation & Colin Phillips.

Purple: Kirsty, Martin Cockney Rebel, Liz on debut, Phil the Power, Dave Thatto Barrow, John Pidgeon & Tom Derby

Pink: Jeff Betty, Sheila, Charlie, Les Meldrew, Tom Stretch, Steve Honeyman and Dave Prime

The first set of games were very evenly matched So even that only Jeff Betty could find the net in either game

Orange 0 v Pink 1 (Jeff Betty)

Purple 0 V Yellow 0

Round Two was similarly tight with Purple and Pink goalless after their match up

There were goals in the other fixture three in fact with Orange pipping the Yellow by the odd goal

Orange goals by Tony Snakehips & Eamon victorious over Yellow despite a goal by Julie on her debut Afterwards new Football Manager waxed lyrically about all the newbies but was especially impressed with Julie Sadly El Presidente was being stripped searched at the Welsh border and missed some of the feedback from the excited Andy rest assured dear readers he will be around on Wednesday to witness proceedings from his VIP vantage point at Sutton

The final round of matches reverted to shot shy after that last salvo with just a solitary strike from the ever-modest Cockney Rebel – for it is he who has provided this report! At least we avoided a Lord Rainford left foot bendy shot and subsequent report for once!

Pink and Yellow did not trouble the score board in their game despite the efforts of all

So, it was left to our resident jellied eel purveyor to report his Purple sides’ epic victory over the plucky Oranges with a scorching shot into the roof of the net straight off Hackney Marshes mate!

Wednesday 2nd November WFA International Referee Steve Pitt will be over-seeing a session for aspiring Club Referees Steve, who spent much of his early career practising the dark arts with our Club, has volunteered to help us improve the numbers of competent stand-in Refs within our ranks

Meanwhile very well done to the Ref's who kept a control on the games, although Chopper may need help with the overhead height rule (he did give the one that hit the 11:50 EasyJet flight to Malaga

Running in the Family* - Level 42

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