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Return to Sutton

St Helens WFC started their first ever game at their 4th home venue, Pitch 1 outside at Sutton Leisure Centre, with a 3-2 win for the reds, who cunningly lined up for the 1st half with the sun behind them causing all sorts of problems for the unsighted blues who promptly went 2-0 down.

We may have said goodbye to the midges of Sherdley Park but now apparently have to deal with another hazard, randomly cleared balls from pitch 3. Anyone would think John Hawkins was playing over there.....

The game got considerably more competitive (and, if we are honest, too fast) in the 2nd half as blues came back strongly. More than 1 player may be wondering whether investing in some shin pads after some meaty tackles. This, and more running than should happen in a game called walking football, mean that Mike 'Collina' Fedyk - with the backing of all players - will be a lot stricter starting next week!

Anyway despite the best efforts of the aforementioned Hawkins J (*) who hit the post, scored one and had one saved on the line, reds clung on to claim a win thanks to some time wasting down at the corner flag in the last couple of minutes.

Well played everyone, and we all had the added bonus of the fact that as it's not a 4G pitch nobody will spend the next week finding little black bits of plastic in their kit!

(* There is no point telling a story unless you give yourself a good part...).

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Peter Fitzpatrick
Peter Fitzpatrick

Well in view of the comments in tonight's blog you'll be delighted to hear that I will be back next week with my usual strict anti running head on You've been warned!

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