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Updated: Jun 13

SHWFC’s AGM last week offered an insight to Members of the machinations of the Club Executive and the opportunity to witness the Club’s continuing progress It was at the end of the Club’s International break marked also by the passing of the baton of Club Person the Year from the quietly understated Eamon O’Donnell to unsung heroine Eileen Nicholson

Andy Man(anger) Houghton used his address to recognise the outstanding efforts of Wor Eileen, forever known as Come On …. Not satisfied with this largesse Andy broke with all tradition to create a new award Captain’s Merit Award with Geoff Prout the recipient for his sterling ballwork man & boy Photos of the presentations are below

On a night packed with achievement, the membership were addressed by El Presidente and then Lord Rainford before Les Meldrew entertained with his slight of hand financial magic We had the recognition of out-going VIce Chair Anita Ashcroft’s retirement before Martin Cockney Rebel Briggs brought the show to an end with his Social slideshow Including PowerPoint presentation and Euro 24 Diversion

The agenda was completed with great diligence and patience by attending members “You’ve all done very well!” Said a Young Mr Grace look a like

Some difficult issues dealt with in a business-like manner and all finished in good time for a bedtime hot chocolate (other beverages are available)

A warm welcome back to regular Monday morning’s Ruskin Sports Village sessions broke out with 34 players, assorted Referees and camp followers enjoying the days best conditions We’d had a light drizzle on the drive to WA10, but happily a dry spell kicked in to welcome SHWFC members to their AstroTurf amble

Andy Man(anger) lined up his charges with an array of muscle stretches nips and tucks Fresh from his stint as the bestower of AGM Awards, Andy lined up with his fellow Sky blues, in possibly the session’s strongest side After his recent surgery and recuperation, Eamon returned to the Yellow selection or Jaundice Athletic as no one ever remarked

Referees for the day were Les Lomax, El Presidente and Jill Tomo Thomas All were enthusiastic after a session characterised by very evenly balanced teams, intent on playing good Walking Football After recent tribulations that was a result in itself

Walking Football, lest we forget, is a non-contact sport All players seemed galvanised by the Re-Set reminder voiced at the start of proceedings Consequently it was a pleasure to confirm no stern warnings or cards of any colour were required

The teams selected were;

Orange (5) - Little John, Roger, McSpeed, Donal and Phil the Power

Black (5) - Tom Stretch, Geoff Merit Man, Enoch, Wickie and Ian Leftie Bridge

Yellow - Eamon, Steve Honeyman, Citeh Geoff, Simon, Sheila and Haggis

Purple - Mark NR, Eileen CPoY, Willo, Grav, Colin the Late and Triallist

Sky - Cockney Rebel, Mika, Anita, Andy Man, Kirsty and Amazon

Pink - Barry Wizz, Phil the Moss, Snakehips, Aldo, Les and Michelle Monday

The stand out game was the 5 a side fixture with Orange and Black playing each other for the full session Tomo reported the match was a great contest with both sides playing expansive football In a 10 goal thriller Orange eventually were ahead as play ended by 6 goals to 4

Black goals were scored by Wickie, Enoch and Ian 2, but Orange were endebted to the deadly McSpeed who found the net at regular intervals in his 4 goal haul Phil the Power and Little John were also on target All in unison were in agreement that it was a great game to be involved in as players

Les Lomax handled some terrific games on the near pitch with only Pink claiming a victory in their 3 goal demolition of Sky Phil the Moss took full advantage of his chances with all three goals The other games were much closer with Purple (Mark NR) and Sky (Amazon) level one goal apiece as time elapsed There was the same score line in the Purple and Pink final fixture Mark and Michelle finding the net with the only goals Discussion on the vexed question of ‘to blam or not to blam’ featured in the cake-free environs of the Slipper Salon Most of us are happy to still be able to swing a leg at the ball let alone regulate the power applied But that dear reader is a story for another day

The morning’s remaining fixtures fell under the imperious gaze of El Presidente Determined to stamp out running and reckless behaviour he made his presence felt early in the session Consequently play was measured and passing generally precise Yellow fell under his control throughout the session and as stoutly as they defended just as tamely they struggled to find the net up front In their first game Yellow entertained Pink Citeh Geoff and Simon K battled to keep Pink at bay Aldo and Michelle combining in midfield to dominate possession

Despite creating countless chances it was a goal by Phil Moss who steered home with less than 2 minutes left to seal the 1-0 win Haggis had an excellent game including a sweet Megs moment of skill - but sadly all to no avail

Game 2 started with Purple the visitors on top and looking threatening However their passing accuracy became ragged as Yellow held out At one stage there were bodies falling around the pitch but still no goals The breakthrough goal never arrived and nil-nil was the final score Purple did find the net but the effort was ruled out for earlier infringements

Sky arrived for the last action of the session with an impressive record but Yellow held firm for most of the game as they had all session long Eamon broke the stalemate with a fine strike that deceived Andy Man at his near post 1-0 to Yellow Sky continued to patiently pass the ball around to find space Cockney Rebel brought parity to the match with a drive that Steve Honeyman couldn’t keep out 1-1 Into the last remaining minutes Sky continued to dominate possession but couldn’t create clear chances Amazon Prime fired Sky ahead reacting first to a rebound for 2-1 to Sky Cockney Rebel might have sealed the win but shot narrowly wide The move a swift counter when Yellow were pressing for an equaliser More bodies strewn about the pitch, was grip an issue? Happily no injuries or damage suffered Play ended with Sky still on top 2-1 the end result in a tight game.

Wednesday night at Sutton SoccerDome saw a mathematically satisfactory 28 players renew their acquaintance with the excellent facilities at Sutton (that's irony by the way) with some extra aeration in the goal nets just to make moving them around a bit easy for the elderly and infirm.


Overseen by El Presidente on pitch 1 Reds started with a narrow win over Yellows with Gonzalo scoring Red's 2 and Chris 10p Yellow’s goal.


On pitch 2 Eamon took control of an equally competitive game which Blues were unlucky to lose 1-0 to Whites with Joe the Ghost the only scorer. Whites then moved over to pitch 1 where once again the Gonzalo goal machine added 2 more and Deano a third to give Red a 3-0 win.


On pitch 2 there was a real thriller. Blues put the disappointment of their narrow loss behind them when Grav put them 1 up after an excellent team move.


Blues were looking as though they could hang on with some good interceptions from Enoch and keeper saves but then Chris 10p moved from his deeper position and became much more influential. But it took a lucky goal to equalise when Subbuteo Dave in goal pulled off a save only to see the ball rebound off a post onto him and into the net.


No such calamity for the winning goal, Haggis producing his characteristic Scottish Sweep to curl the ball into the far corner. Some protests that the ball was too high - it wasn't. It didn't loop down and into the goal, it was below goal bar height all the way from leaving Haggis’s trusty right boot to nestling into a characteristically holey Sutton net.


After two narrow defeats our brave Blues got the - err - the blues, heads went down and they suffered a 5-0 against Red. Gonzalo decided he'd had his fill of scoring so turned provider, with Kirsty (2), Deano, Simon and Jason benefiting. Wickie went down with a hamstring pull just to add to Blues woes. Fingers crossed its not too bad an injury.


And finally on pitch 2 a third closely fought game to keep the spectators (Messrs Hawkins, Mullarkey and Prout G) enthralled. Joe the Ghost put White 1-0 up when put through on goal. He needed 3 attempts to beat Martin Mc! who sportingly conceded that his desperate attempts to stop the ball crossing the line had been in vain. Eventually Phil the Power got Yellow back into the game. Both of the teams then had chances to win with Michelle and Deggs for White and Phil for Yellow

peppering the goalsl, but their attempts were either blazed over the bar or (in Michelle's case) eagerly gobbled up by the keeper. So 1-1 it stayed until Eamon brought proceedings to a close under an increasingly grey looking sky.


All matches played with excellent sportsmanship throughout, a credit to all who participated!

Re-Set* - album by Shakin’ Stevens (boyhood hero of one of the Club’s younger statesmen)

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