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Quick Fast In A Hurry*

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

The leisurely way in which the SHWFC blog writers approach their art has had to be ditched this week. People away on their hols, getting ready for the big finals day at Lilleshall (what do you mean, what finals day?) not mention the clubs AGM next Friday means squeezing the blog report in has been a bit of a challenge.


Still, better late than never (another song title, step forward Diane Ducane) eh? Gratifyingly our members helpfully all turned up upstairs first at Sutton this Wednesday. This meant there were no nasty surprises for our Committee having divided up the teams between inside to outside, only to then discover several other players waiting on the all weather pitch for their walking football fix.


The spirit of dividing between inside and out was also warmly embraced again, with a 5 a side game in the gym between the reds - Nigel, Lord R, Grav, Joe and Lee; and the blacks - Tom Stretch Parr, Andy Capp, Steve Goldie, Dave G and Les.


Pretty even on paper but eventually the blacks ran out 9-4 winners. Better passing, more organisation and a bit of luck from their goalkeeping all made the difference. And for both sides it would probably have been a much lower scoring game had a referee been there to put a brake (literally) on the running.


Honourable mentions must go to Steve Goldie who may have lost count himself of how many he netted. Do we still have a hall of fame? He should definitely be in it. Dave G and Les continued to enjoy the indoor opportunity, Tom Parr's shoulder dip kept his opponents confused and Andy was his usual imperious self.


For the reds it was a case of trying to stem the tide and have a break out when they could. Probably too much trying to dribble or play the Hail Mary; when keeping possession would have been better, to be honest. One of those nights, chaps; one of those nights.


Outside, under the stern eye of ref Colin 'the late' Williams, who enjoyed getting his own back for all the times he's been penalised for running; my spies tell me that the teams lined up approximately as follows:-


Green: Gaz, Cockney Rebel, Michelle, Dave B, Deano, Harry and Neil


Blue: Tom D, Martin Mc, John P, Chris G (injured, but gamely going in goal), Daz and Norman.


If we've missed anyone out we apologise and our webmasters may amend this blog if you ask nicely and buy them a pint.


An even game was eventually won 4-3 by the blues. Tom D getting on the scoresheet twice in preparation for his big day on Sunday and Baz coolly controlling things further back - class will always put you know.


Sorry, no pictures this week but hopefully normal service will be resumed next week. Now then, Lilleshall here we come.


*New York City



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