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Phil yer boots!

Sutton Leisure's Wednesday session was dominated by news of the Club's National Cup draw. Our first sortee in the WFA's prestigious event will be in early July with our Over 50s travelling to play mighty Everton (in the Community) whilst our Over 60s will host a meeting with Third Space Bolton. 25 players have been selected in the advance list for warm weather training camps in a secluded hideaway. Coach Davies and the Executive Committee will then work to produce 2 matchday squads of 9 players to represent the Club. Full details will appear in due course on our News section of the website (not yet for God's sake).

We welcomed 2 new players from the Turks Head Academy to join the assembled masses, a glitch with the fax machine meant our virtual secretary was working with both hands tied firmly behind his back. Undaunted we pressed on through the tribulations of the warm up routines and settled upon 3 teams each of 7 to do battle for the honour of night.

The teams were;

Sky - Geoff, Phil, John H, Jeff, Mark, Gareth and Neil (debutant)

Red - Chris, Ian B, Rory (the other debutant and beard wearer), Len, Tom, Les and Joe (the Ghost)

Orange - Deggsy, Colin, Peter, Andy, Ian H, Nigel and Steve

Match 1 featured the Orange and Reds in a really fascinating game that was truly end to end stuff. The passing was generally very accurate with both teams probing to find a goal. Chris was kept quiet by a well organised Orange rearguard but the game was decided when Ian B eluded the Chairman to fire in a trademark howitzer 1-0 and a great strike to settle the affair.

Orange fared better in their second outing with a 1-0 win over Sky courtesy of some quick thinking by Colin. Spotting the Sky keeper swap over he fired a long range effort past the new keeper. As play resumed Sky took a firm hold on possession but for as we all know its goals that decide games.

Reds had the better of their meeting with Sky with goals by Chris and Ian B securing the victory despite a fine effort by Phil with the solitary Sky reply. Plenty of good efforts in the game in particular from Tom who bossed the midfield with his usual authority. New man Rory impressed too in defence though he has still to fathom the vagaries of tackling from the side. Neil impressed too for the Sky with smart hold up play and links with Len and Phil especially.

Orange were put to the sword in their match with Sky, goals by Phil 2 and Jeff (past celebrity keeper and autograph signatory Deggsy). A solitary strike from close range by Nigel signaled a brief Orange revival but Sky were a constant threat and good value for their win.

Referee Pitt was stricter than in some previous weeks, applying the WFA Rules with firm hand. But he did grant one chance to Taylor D for a cynical lunge at an opponent, a delayed retaliation perhaps? As his teammates urged Pitt to show the deserved Red Card, Deggsy threw his arms around like a demented muppet and was fortunate not to leave the action. A lesson learned? We will see in the week's ahead.

The night's final match pitched the Reds and Sky, the two sides that had most impressed throughout the evening's proceedings. Fittingly the game was settled by a superb strike by Phil who enjoyed his best performance for some time 4 goals in all and a place in the Hall of Fame. Red's keeper Joe the Ghost could only look at the gaping net for answers that never came.

Another great session in humid conditions ended with the great bib pile up, when used bibs were unwittingly mingled with unused bibs in reckless abandon. This session's bib wash suddenly was needlessly doubled by this carelessness. Les' domestic harmony unnecessarily threatened and not even his fault! Bib Czar Hawkins is sure to take action, at least you've been warned!

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