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Out in the Middle

It’s all about him! Ruining a good game! The Ref can’t wait to get his card out! Occasionally players make mistakes, get it wrong Aren’t fit enough or good enough (God forbid)

But let’s have a pop at the man in the middle

SHWFC put in place the opportunity for more players to get truly involved and learn just a little of the dark arts of the madness of being a referee on Wednesday night

Steve Pitt, long-time friend of the Club having honed his newly qualified WFA Refereeing skills at Sutton back before COVID was even a thing, agreed to come along to pass on his experience to a new generation of Club Refs Kirsty, Sharon, Tony Kenny, Chopper and Jeff Betty were the grateful recipients of Steve’s guidance under the floodlights on the AstroTurf

We had a game for them to dissect too

Orange - Willo, Ox, Michelle, Martin Mc Phil Lynch, Gaz, Eamon, Deano and Little John lined up to face a Lemon team that included,

Tom Derby, A N Other (apologies, Jill Thomo, Darron, Dave Gray, Steve Ford, Enoch, Tom Stretch and Thatto Dave

Inevitably there were breaks in play as the newbie Refs intervened to calm matters We thank the players for their patience and remind them that if there were no fouls or infringements there’d be no interruptions

Lemon shaded the game with goals from Darron 2, Tom Derby, Tom Stretch and Thatto Dave from the penalty spot Eamon and Deano replied for the Orange 5-2 the final score

An enjoyable and enlightening evening for most but the churlish who overlook their own shortcomings at their peril

Play indoors was disrupted by the lack of a Referee, El Presidente eventually taking up the task having been outdoors making introductions

Three teams were selected to take up the cudgel

White - Disco Deggs, Lee Thomo, Norman, Andy Man(anger), Dave Bates and Ray

Red - Gonzalo, Wickie, Grav, Cockney Rebel and Laura

Yellow - Les Meldrew, Lefty Bridge, Joe the Ghost, Coach Neil and Nigel

The opening game was a routine 2-0 win for Reds Gonzalo on the mark against Yellow

White faced Reds in the second game with Laura starting brightly, working well with Gonzalo Opening goal was poached by Gonzalo picking off a loose clearance to pile an unstoppable shot on target Laura fired into the side netting before a superb passing movement featuring most of the team was finished by Grav in great style to seal the game 3-0 to Red

Yellow were quickly on top with a sweeping move rounded off by Joe the Ghost

Red caught cold 0-1 to Yellow Nigel playing a big part in the build up Joe almost repeated the trick with a smart effort from the edge of area With a pounding back beat provided by the rhythmic gymnasts in the other part of the hall the game was levelled by Cockney Rebel who fired under Nigel to make it 1-1 Laura took a touch and a second to fire her side ahead 2-1 and an excellent reward for her work

As the final passage of play approached there was a frenzy to find an equaliser but Red held out to win 2-1

White v Yellow was a tense affair with chances few and far between Norman produced a smart save to keep it all square Play was often scrappy with both sides struggling to gain the ascendancy Andy was his usual assertive force until Nigel unleashed a fine drive to put Yellow 1-0 ahead with under 3 minutes left Ray snapped up a rare chance from a pass from Andy 1-1 and less than a minute to go and the final result in a tense encounter

The night final game involved a brief 8 minute contest between Red and White before the rump of Yellows joined the fray for the dying 4 or 5 minutes to conclude the evenings feverish activity El Presidente had to remind a couple of participants about the folly of the aimless back heel

A bit of generally useless showboating that rarely comes off Cockney Rebel recorded the first goal and Reds were good value for their lead Cockney Rebel capped a fine performance with his second goal set up in acres of space to punish the missing White rearguard

The finale showcasing Reds attacking prowess despite which the minutes ticked away without further troubling the score keeper

A good night’s endeavour for those involved Outside Herr Pitt was impressed with standard of football on show as were the participants in our first Refereeing masterclass

Out In The Middle* - Zac Brown Band - a bit of Country on yer ass

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