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Orange sliced by the Blues

Just like The soaraway S#n today’s Blog has little to do with the real story. It seems that there was a little error in the original version that our expensive sub-editors failed to spot. For this we apologise (hidden away on page 13 beneath Mystic Meg’s diet tips)

So happily the new version cooly puts the record straight, not something usually associated with any daily newspaper.

Monday’s Ruskin session went ahead in very pleasant warm weather with sunny skies shining upon our members today. A number of players was unavailable but nevertheless 14 players and support crew made the most of their opportunity for wholesome fun! Our thanks for today’s Blog to Phil, his words most appreciated.

New Football Manager John Davies put his charges through their paces with a jaunty warm up routine, that might have challenged Pan‘s People in their pomp. Michaylo donned his jackboots to emulate Steve Pitt with a firm grip on proceedings via his Acme Thunderer whistle. In a technicolour challenge The Sky Blues faced The Orange select.

The teams were;

Sky Blues; Geoff, Jeff, Tom, Steve, Alex, Tony and Phil

Orange; Andy, Les, David Hamer (returning after an unfortunate hand injury on his debut), Wayne, Colin, Mike A and Joe

The first half produced some compelling football with the Orange in the ascendancy but no goals to reward their superiority. Joe was unable to punish the Skys when he was presented with good chances. Fine saves by Steve and later Alex thwarted the enigmatic Joe, who had ghosted into fine positions from the adjoining rugby pitch. Two good stretching saves with different parts of their anatomy prevented Joe adding to his recent goal tally. Half time and all square, no goals but no shortage of good play.

After the break Sky (obvious really when you look at who scored) shifted up a gear to score 2 smart goals courtesy of Steve and Tom. Orange had chances but no clinical edge, so Sky claimed the win their overall play deserved. The editor is happy to stand by this amended version of the truth, whole truth and nothing like the real truth. To followers of Line of Duty it was probably the work of OCG (Organised Culcheth Gang) of which our Chairman said “Jesus, Mary and Joseph and the wee donkey!”

Michaylo presented a bouquet to Helen the Ruskin Duty Manager who had been so helpful during last week’s emergency. A round of spontaneous applause showed her our Club valued her help when it was most needed.

News of John Carson‘s recovery is less impressive however, his scheduled operation was postponed at 6am this morning. It is hoped that his knee operations will finally go ahead on Friday, subject to orthopaedic surgeon availability of course.

Well done to everyone today. We go again this Wednesday evening at Sutton Leisure

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Steve Forshaw
Steve Forshaw
Apr 26, 2021

Clearly my memory is not what it was, but i could have sworn it was the sky blues that scored and so won the game? Not that it matters much I guess except maybe for future generations of historians...

Peter Fitzpatrick
Peter Fitzpatrick
Apr 27, 2021
Replying to

Hi Steve Phil supplied duff info hence the error It has been corrected now at huge personal expense (embarrassment mostly) The new version is now live Mea Culpa

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