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One More Warning

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

The wet and miserable prospect of play this morning did not deter our merry men who trundled out on to the Ruskin Drive AstroTurf to be put through their paces by Coach Davies with relish After the opportunity to gain some refereeing insight last week it would be interesting to see what lessons had been learned at the hands of Herr Pitt After Moneyball selected 2 teams of 8 and 9 with suitable handicapping, the sides lined up to play the latest instalment of Monday Morning Walking Football for SHWFC

The teams were;

Black/Green - Chris, Deggsy, Cockney Rebel, Mika, Steve, One More john, Wayne and Grav

Blue - Andy, Phil, Tom, Geoff, Les, Donal, Dave Seagull, Tony and Jeff (later to take a starring role as stand in Ref)

The writing was on the wall for lessons learned within moments of the start of play with the first of several illegal challenges With Coach Davies looking on in shock it seemed that NO lessons had been learned instead we had downright dangerous tackling and much too much running in evidence The Club Captain has expressed disappointment that this activity has crept back into sessions, others have asked for stern words, others still have muttered complaints and some have asked that sanctions be imposed to stop this unwelcome and unnecessary foul play

So we have to take action and will indeed crack down with immediate affect Be advised Wednesday night and sessions thereafter will policed with a firm grip

This spoiling of fair play led Jeff to take up the referee duties for the rest of the morning He made a fine job of it too by all accounts!

The game was a spicy affair until Jeff imposed a measure of control Black/Green won by 4 goals to 2, Chris with 2, Grav and Steve on target for the victors Andy replying for the Blues

It was encouraging to see Donal return after a hamstring injury on his first appearance We are aware that a number of players are currently on holiday with others returning shortly after a litany of minor injuries

It is essential that we impose strict discipline to all sessions We play for fun for exercise for enjoyment not win at all costs and not to injure fellow players That's how we can accommodate players with an age range of almost 40 years!

WFA Rules were created with safety foremost in mind and we will impose those rules in all sessions from this date

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