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Not another manic Monday

Our last Monday morning session before Lockout 2.0 begins later this week, and anything but manic for certain. Circumstances prevented a number of our fellows from marking the occasion, but there was Walking Football and 11 hearty souls put their all into this November’s only Monday. The mighty Reds - Colin, Andy, Phil, Martin and Wayne were pitted against the odds and the extra man of the belligerent Blues - Tony, John H, David, Tom, Steve and Jeff

On paper the contest looked a fairly reasonable one, the Reds slightly stronger but would the extra man offer the Blues the chance for glory?

The Blues weathered the early exchanges and hit their opponents with 2 smart goals from Steve and Hawkins J. Reds remained calm and were soon back in the contest with a fine effort by Andy. Reds found a leveller that their play merited thanks to a Colin penalty only to fall behind again as Hawkins J crashed a trademark out-step shot past the keeper. The half ended with Blues stretching their lead to 4-2. On the subject of stretching, Tom was unable to continue, his suspect hamstring failing Him as the whistle sounded for the break.

The past few games have followed a pattern where whoever leads at half time pushes on to secure an outright win albeit with few second half goals evident. Not so today. Andy showed great form throughout the morning with regular goals to bring his team to parity and into the lead. There was a maiden goal from Martin, who struck a low drive through the despairing grasp of David and into the history books. David, who has continued to improve each session, followed into the history book with a fine individual effort. The goal was a reward for some solid graft, turning his opponent before unleashing his shot goal ward. Wayne could only parry the effort upwards and in agonising slow motion the ball looped over his head to trickle across the line. 5-4 to Blues would this prove decisive? Andy hit back to bring Reds level with 10 minutes remaining.

Reds mounted a sustained period of possession, patiently knocking the ball around, with Colin and Andy pulling the strings. Andy claimed another goal to boost his haul for the day. Blues probed through Jeff and Steve but were undone with 2 minutes left as Reds wrapped up a fine 7-5 victory on a day when the weather was kind and the Referee mostly redundant. Wonder what we will make of December mornings? Well played everyone, thanks for your commitment today, we look forward to our last hurrah on Wednesday evening at Sutton (well until we are permitted to play again at least)

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