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No Arrests

Updated: Jan 24


Hi O'Hooligan here!

Well the demo went off really well with no reported arrests We were received very nicely by all at St Helens Town Thank you all for that!

Only thing wrong was the heating wasn't turned on, it was rather chilly for us older chaps and chapesses!

As we gathered on Monday for our first session of the year and it was great! Lovely weather, lovely cake afterwards and a good morning was had by all. Cant beat it!

I gave Wickie a lift home and he commented on the opening of yet another barbers shop around Denton Green 'far too many' he said.

I replied that I do my own and only charge myself £10 except on a Tuesday when it is pensioners day and I only charge myself £8!

'You really have your life sorted Eamon, I might do that'.

I have to go now, cheers! 😇

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