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Melt Away*

Several hours after the end of Monday's Ruskin session played with vigour and enthusiasm by 24 players its still very apparent how close some of us got to critical over heating point It was mentioned in the post session Slipper and celebratory cake love in that it was just so hot that even Colin the late Williams and Allan Molly Maldon couldn't summon up the energy to argue No small feet The fun started with the weather glass stuck in the 20s and the humidity positively tropical El Presidente presented his trade mark 'warm up for people who are already facing sunstroke' It was sharp it was fun and above all mercifully short

With 24 combatants all that remained was to warm up Moneyball sit back and let the flux capacitor hit 1.21 jigawatts The teams were;

Blue - Lord Rainford, Cockney Rebel, Gonzalo, Kirsty, Tony Snakehips and Clint Eastwood

Red - Dave Seagull, Anita, Mika, Trialist, El Presidente and Mike Norman Bates

Purple - Sheila, Citeh Geoff, Phil, Andy Capt., Les Meldrew and Tony Kenny

Yellow - Colin, Molly, Margaret, Jeff Betty, Steve Honeyman and Mark (no relation) Davies

Alex made a seasonal appearance to witness the cash flowing and serve as occasional ball boy It was noted by some that he did more work in that aspect than most of the players It was that sort of morning lots of effort, lots of huffing and puffing and melting in the approaching midday sun

Blue took on Red in the opening encounter on the far pitch On paper the result was probably fairly obvious Reds were under the cosh from the opening minute The 4-1 final score didn't lie though in their defence Reds never wilted But too much know how and fire power were the decisive factors Goals by Eastwood C, Cockney Rebel, Gonzalo 2 and Lord Rainford - I know that is 5 so someone has claimed the goal that never was. Reds did pull a goal back through their trialist (he was found guilt later) and at times put in a decent showing through Norman Bates, Mika and Anita Dave Seagull made a couple of good saves to keep the dubious score line at least respectable

Blues off to a flyer!

On the near pitch things were much tighter with Purple and Yellow The Moneyball fates producing 2 evenly balanced sides Margaret claimed a goal for Yellow with Citeh Geoff replying for the Imperial storm troopers in their Purple attire 1-1 and honours even at the first hydration break

Red and Purple witnessed a closer game for Red now acclimatised after their opening match The game ebbed from end to end with Red slightly more organised this time around Purple produced some good passages of play but the contest was decided by the better Purple finishing Yellow and Blue could not be separated in their second round game Cockney Rebel on the mark for his second of the morning

As play continued with the third set of matches it was clear that the pace dropped too Yellow put Red away with Steve Honeyman leading the line for Yellow There was some good defensive moments for Red but with a lack of all round energy Mike Norman Bates was left penned in to a lonely midfield furrow waiting for defenders to break forward to offer support

Blue took the honours in their match with Purple in their match up Gonzalo claiming his second brace of the day Kirsty showed some classy moments and was well supported by the youthful Snakehips of Mr. Byrne

A crowd of school kids descended on the arena to prepare for their afternoon sporting entertainment There was much for them to admire on the pitch as they sat patiently waiting for SHWFC to final melt away Young and Old same game just played at a slightly different pace

And so it ended and we all agreed to shake hands but not hug (much too hot) and promise to return next time

Lord Rainford's Cook had prepared the most necessary chocolate delights to celebrate His Lordship's Birthday on Friday last The Slipper Lounge was packed to pay tribute to John Hawkins who was named House of Lords Hat Wearer of the Year

Melt Away* - Brian Wilson

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