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Megs to be given Blue Card?

After a period of tropical conditions testing the mettle of our members, last night witnessed a complete reversal of fortunes with the whole session put in doubt by a thunderous rain storm Our thanks to Phil as intrepid reporter in the absence of the Chairman & his Deputy Lord Rainford

With near perfect timing the precipitation abated to allow Coach Davies to put the 14 brave hearts who turned up to defy the odds and years to play Two sides of seven were whipped into a passing frenzy ready to rumble with Secretary Michaylo stepping in to act as surrogate Referee

Regular Ref Pitt delayed in transit by flooding pestilence and a plague of Wigan fans in transit to leafy Cheshire for the big match up with the Mighty Wire

The teams were;

Reds - Chris, Deggsy, Steve, Geoff, Jeff, One more John and Mark

Blues - Andy, Phil, Joe, Lee, Alain, Chopper and Les

From the off it was clear that Michaylo would apply the ‘laissez faire‘ approach to his interpretation of the rules, perhaps inspired by Olympic Equestrian Dressage Elegance over strict adherence Though in fairness he did stamp down on running infractions Reds eclipsed their rivals with goals by Steve, Chris, Geoff with a beauty and Deggsy with a brace Blues hit back with two by Phil

I‘m reliably informed that Blues might have benefited from two penalties, neither awarded by the hapless official In addition Andy found a post when a goal might have brought a closer finish to the game There was period of shameless showmanship with players determined to ’Meg’ their opponents into submission A comment after the session suggested that such practice be stamped out in future games by the award of Blue Cards for such indulgent behaviour As a seasoned player observed ‘in my day I’d have launched anyone who did that’ How the time has changed us all!

Comments after the game focused on words like ‘sportsmanship’ ‘spirit’ and ‘honesty’ Bravo says this reporter We’ve a hard earned reputation for integrity its reassuring to read further evidence (if it was ever needed) that Corinthian ethic runs ever true

On a night of severe challenge SHWFC rose to task and revelled in the damp conditions

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