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Monday's Blog marked our 135 edition in some style with guest writer Nigel contributing in fine style So no pressure then for Wednesday's effort..

Fourteen players went through their paces under the ever-watchful eye of Coach Davies, with a cast of support including Referee Jeff Betty watching on in wonderment

Our last indoor session before the Autumn and prelude to the weekend's National Cup tie with the mighty SHWFC entertaining the boys from Blackpool Senior Seasiders on Sunday at Sutton Leisure in the Over 50s First Round We know that we can expect a hard match against much vaunted opponents Those who ever played at the Etihad League back in early months of our Club will recall their fire-power But we look forward to a good match before piling into our Sunday roast

The teams were selected by Coach's generous use of Moneyball and a fine fare was served up

Pink - Grav, El Presidente, Tom Stretch, Cockney Rebel and Disco Deggs

Blue - Phil the Power, Steve Honeyman, Lee, Goldie and Gaz

White - Nigel, Speedo Mick, Joe the Ghost and Les Meldrew

The first game matched the Pink and Blue in a feisty game that tested Herr Betty He was always in charge however and stamped his mark on proceedings with firmness The Pink played well throughout tidy in defence and displaying a fluidity of passing and movement that that their rivals struggled to coe with at times The only goal was a study in turning defence to attack with Deggs on hand to steer a ball past Gaz into the corner It was a good instinctive finish and the result of good team play 1-0 to PInk and a good advert for Walking Football all round

Game 2 introduced White to the fray Within moments of the start we had the sight of Tom stretched out on the deck having used his Family Jewels to block a venomous strike from (Nasty) Nigel Shortly after his recovery Tom suffered the exact same fate with another pile driver exacting the same punishment Undaunted play continued with Disco Deggs applying 2 excellent finishes to improve his goal haul to 3 in 2 games Most players would kick on from such a satrt but Disco Deggs is not most players Niegl was rewarded for his power game with a good finish past El Presidente who had steered a wayward clearance directly into the Nasty path with dire consequences 2-1 the final score to Pink but plenty to talk about in the Pink camp during their rest period

As most will know the 'resting team will generally stand at the end of the pitch to watch the new game taking the opportunity to refuel for the games ahead As Tom was innocently focusing on the action a wayward shot sailed beyond the near goal struck the back wall and hurtled back at the onlookers Thankfully no Family Jewels were damaged in this particular incident but Jeff Betty, taking a lead from Rugby League perhaps put the incident on report The game itself was a triumph for the Blue who took the honours through goals by Phil and Goldie 2-0 the final outcome

Pink put Blue to the sword in the next match, the only surprise being that Deggs had somehow lost his shooting boots during the break Martin Cockney Rebel Briggs secured a win for the Pink with a good finish at the end of another sweeping move Despite numerous chances Pink couldn't find the goals that their play deserved 1-0 the score line Pink now looking well placed to end the night unbeaten

White ensured that Pink did not win all their games with a gutsy effort to stay in the penultimate match Once more the goal supply from Deggs was shut down as he spurned several chances to add to his tally 'Saving them all for Sunday' he offered Ni - Nil the final score line

And so to the final game and some controversy (at last) for our readers It was a tight affair initially until Joe ghosted the proceedings to life with a cheeky assist from a corner taken from nearer the goalpost than the corner post Steve swept the ball from close in as the assembled Pink squad complained to Ref Jeff about the liberty just perpetrated Moments later Joe was gifted the chance to double the lead with a soft penalty awarded for goal area encroachment Recently Joe has displayed calm assurance from the spot however his tame effort on this occasion failed to find the net and sporting integrity was restored with the blunder Nigel had time for one last effort at the wall and Tom - finding the back of the head with a high wild effort

I think I must magnetic tonight, said Tom in his usual understated manner

The night's action ended with a goal of real class Lee volleying a shot past everyone into the far corner Sadly for Lee his effort seared into his own goal and the game ended 1-1 which on balance was a decent result for in truth neither side deserved to win or lose

The Boot Room crew showed sympathy with Tom and also with the misfiring Huyton Hitman We hope that they will be fully restoring in full working order for the weekend

Magnetised* - Tom O'Dell

Monday's Blog title - Ghost in the Machine* - Police

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