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Joe’s spot on winner

Phil Middleton our guest columnist today

Another Monday morning certainly not manic but pleasantly sunny with a little chill to keep all players honest. John Davies applied a new layer of complexity with some new drills to follow the brisk warmup. Some were perplexed, some bewildered, all seemed to enjoy the variety on offer. Whilst Alex counted his latest Swiss numbered account deposit, Michaylo opted to referee a very competitive 8 a side contest.

John’s selection was;

Reds Len, Wayne, Les, Mick, Colin, Steve, Andy and Geoff

Blues Tom, Tony, Joe, Martin B, Mike A, Phil, David and Jeff

From the off it was clear that neither side had a clear edge. It took a penalty awarded when keeper Les strayed out of his area, to settle the nerves. Joe displayed no nerves or doubts converting the penalty by sending Les the wrong way from the spot. This takes some doing with just a single stride allowed, but the goal stood and Blues took the lead they never surrendered. Reds trio of Colin, Mick and Len combined on a few occasions to produce half chances for Steve. Tom and Martin B met these chances with solid defensive performance. Len broke free on the left to fire a fine effort past the Blues keeper, as they celebrated The Blues appealed to Referee Fedyk for an unseen infringement. On review VAR spotted some minor infraction and chalked off the equalising ‘goal that never was’. Len denied the push and resultant sprint so justice was done much to his chagrin. At this point he fell to the ground, rolled around for 3 minutes and was offered a contract by Mourinho J for a bit part in upcoming North London blockbuster. Half time and the score remained 1-0 to the Blues

The Reds created a period of pressure, some further half chances but no goals for their endeavour. Blues defence stood firm with David taking his turn in goal with some smart saves. His efforts, after a good performance leading the line, plus the Sterling efforts of Blues defenders kept the Reds at bay. Blues looked to seal the victory but could find no way through the Reds rearguard marshalled by Geoff and Martin B. As time ran out Joe’s spot kick proved to be the winner, the day’s only goal despite some great play by both teams. A tight affair played in a very sporting manner that gave Michaylo little problem to officiate.

Well done everyone See you on Wednesday night at Sutton.

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