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It Aint Over 'Til Its Over*

So on the occasion of our 200th Blog its time to reflect on some fantastic contributions to the promotion of our Club our Website and er literature in general

We've shared some magical moments, some inspired writing and especially some dubious descriptions of the contributions made by our authors

Most Blogs have a signature song headline to loosely hang the thread to We've served up song memories from Soul, Motown, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Country and even Punk Artists as varied as Aztec Camera to Zappa (Frank)

Our contributors have included Martin Cockney Rebel Briggs, Phil the Power Middleton, Nigel the Bard Smith, Lord Rainford's Butler, Lord Rainford himself, El Presidente's evil henchman Gonzalo and El Presidente (for it was he) himself

We salute you all or y'all as some of us prefer

Monday morning was a most pleasant Autumnal celebration with a mild weather aspect welcoming the throng along to Ruskin's verdant AstroTurf pasture 32 declared themselves available for selection and as Clarkie led the tight formation dance sequence in warming up

El Presidente crept amung us distributing bibs with wreckless abandon The ploy generally seemed to work with the ensuing games predominantly even until the last round up

The teams carefully selected were;


Dave Prime, Steve Goldie Goldthorpe, Harrison Haggis Lovell, Margaret Mills, Eileen Nicholson, Gaz Clark, Little John Penders and Citeh Geoff Painter

St Helens Walking Football
Black Team


Tony Kenny, Daz Samo Samson, Kirsty Stockton, Tony Snakehips Byrne, Jeff Betty Birchall, Martin Cockney Rebel Briggs, Chris Gonzalo Fitzpatrick and Norman Ball

St Helens Walking Football
Purple Team