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I Go To Extremes*

In a week of extreme heat bathing St Helens in napalm sunshine it was fitting that Wednesday's Sutton session was considerably cooler and played in welcoming breezy conditions The session broke new ground with the splitting of the warm up activity in two portions The static stretching warm up exercises conducted at registration before the dynamic exercising and ball drill work out on the AstroTurf meadow The new approach presented slightly more actual playing time as Moneyball churned out its selections However the calculations were then thrown into disarray with the sudden appearance of a ghostly presence back from a toilet visit So instead of 4 teams of 5 that on paper at least looked well matched suddenly Yellow were gifted an extra player to help their cause Would players please make the effort to attend to their comforts before expecting to play?

The teams were:

Yellow - Chris Willo, Lord Rainford, Grav, Deisco Deggs, Citeh Geoff and Dave Bates Motel

Pink - Bally, Jeff Betty, Les Meldrew, Mike Bates and Mike Ox

Blue - Chris 4G, Haggis, Gary Griff, Phil and Martin Mc

White - Joe the Ghost, Steve Honeyman, Gonzalo, Tom Stretch and Lee Thomo