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I get a kick out of you*

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

This morning’s Ruskin Drive session was a testimony to the iron will and stick-ability of SHWFC players who assembled in surprisingly decent numbers despite the raft of current injuries and deluge of precipitation in the local area This reporter braved flooded roads, swollen rivers and a lack of Kendal Mint Cake on his trek from leafy Cheshire

So full marks to the dozen in attendance, 10 players plus Jeff Betty (who revelled in his new role as the world’s oldest ball boy) and Herr Brack (who volunteered for refereeing duties despite the better judgement of the players) In fairness Victor followed the Fedyk refereeing style, let everything go and just give the benefit of doubt to whoever shouts loudest The game, 5-a-side in the finest traditions of the game, was a joyous affair with all players scrupulously honest and sportsman like throughout

Black; Tom, Andy Capt, El Presidente, Tony and Mika

Blue; Nigel, Phil, Cockney Rebel, Chopper and Anita

Black displayed some really great teamwork to race into a 3 goal lead with Tom 2 and Andy Capt (a welcome return to games after knee knack) Cockney Rebel did claim a consolation at the first break, but the imbalance between the sides meant a big money transfer was the inevitable highlight of the first break

Anita left the Blues in a high profile move with Mika going in the opposite direction The distraction caused by the switch allowed Blues to grab another goal to move to within striking distance of parity But as was often the tale of the entire session Black found a way through for Tom to claim the match ball (a delightfully decorated new Mitre) and re-establish Black dominance The second segment followed the pattern with Black mostly on top despite some decent Blue goals littering play There was a moment of controversy as Herr Brack awarded a dubious penalty against El Presidente The Cockney Rebel retained his reputation as the spot kick specialist firing home despite the litany of complaints from on high

The final segment was awash with good football with Black always a step ahead of their plucky opponents Fittingly the clinching goal was another masterpiece of good movement and fine passing Anita claimed her first goal to seal victory by calmly firing into the roof of the net

In acknowledgment of the occasion the rain abated and the game ended in benign conditions with a good value 9-7 win for the All Blacks Particular mention should go to Tom Parr and Cockney Rebel Martin Briggs who both scored 5 goals (I’m reliably informed but I confess I was too busy creating or denying goals to be objective) All agreed it was an excellent contest despite the weather

At the final whistle Tony worked hard to suggest that today’s Blog be titled with a song by Anita O’Day (a 1950s big band singer apparently) Who knew? He reeled off a procession of names including Count Basie to illustrate his point The blank expressions he received in answer told its own story And so with full credit to old Snakehips himself we offer “I get a kick out of you* by Anita O’Day as today’s Blog title

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Nov 02, 2021

Great script as usual boss,thanks for the name check, Miss o"day was a great singer & avery lovely lady. Keeeeep writing.🎼.

Peter Fitzpatrick
Peter Fitzpatrick
Nov 02, 2021
Replying to

Cheers Snakehips Glad you enjoyed the read

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