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Hold tight*

Once again we must thank Lord Rainford's Butler for his Lordship's Blog contribution this week

SHWFC played out one of their tightest games for ages at Ruskin on Monday, with Purple winning a tight contest by the narrowest of margins, 1-0 over their Yellow opponents.

Andy Capt., led all present through a speedy warm up and then Les divided the teams as follows, with an agreement to switch around if things became too one sided, a notion that was abandoned soon after play started

Yellow: Phil the Power, Cockney Rebel, Tony K, Sheila, Mags, Steve Goldie, Grav, Donal, Mika and Clint.

Purple: Tony Snakehips, Andy Capt., Molly, Kirsty, Dave Seagull, Lord Rainford, Citeh Geoff, Jeff Betty and Les.

Chopper's comeback was cut short after only a week as his other knee was now playing up, but he bravely volunteered to time keep, although he politely declined to wield the whistle. Enough power crazed individuals around the Club already he claimed

One sided it was not. With their player advantage Yellow had more of the play with Goldie leading the line up front; Phil, Mags and Clint in support. But Purples held firm with Andy, M'Lord and Citeh G keeping chances to a minimum and Kirsty, Molly and Les able to provide ammunition for them.

Into the 2nd of 3 periods of play and Purple grew stronger despite their numerical disadvantage. Seagull Dave gave a masterclass in shielding the ball, Alan forced a full length diving save from Grav until finally Purple took the lead following a canny corner from Tony Snakehips who found an unmarked Andy just outside the box who finished coolly 1-0 to Purple.

The final period saw a switch around when an accidental collision between Cockney R. and Molly led to Molly leaving the field temporarily With his recent rib injury, Allan Molly Maldon wisely sat out the last action Grav helpfully switched sides to even up the numbers but despite that it was Yellow that continued to press for the equaliser As throughout the first period Purple repelled their plucky rivals to retain their slender lead

Purple probably should have extended their lead with both Lord R and Jeff Betty were wasteful when in good positions Brave keeping from Sheila and defending from Donal and Tony K. kept the score at 1-0.

Came the shout from our timekeeper that time was up Purple were elated that they had hung on for the narrow win. But apparently Chopper's watch was a bit out and tit emerged that there was at least another 3 minutes to play. That Chopper such a tease!

Often in these circumstances the team in front sits back and concedes a late equaliser. Instead Purple bravely took the game to their opponents, kept possession by not sitting back too deep and rationing Goldie to only one or two long range efforts.

Finally, the true end of the game was signaled. and Purple had held on for a narrow win in a very even and enjoyable game. Well played everyone.

News of a change of venue for our Over 65s Regional final tie against Brunswick Old Boys

The game will be now played at LCFA Sefton Drummond Road Thornton Liverpool L23 9YP

Kick off 13.00 on Friday 22nd July

Hold Tight* - Change M'Lord recommends the 7 minute version

A song with similar title was a UK hit for Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich in 1965

Another song same title was not a hit for Chicago

Hold Tight, Hold Tight - was a sheet music hit for the Andrews Sisters (before they invented their famous liver salts - occasional life-saver after a good night out)

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