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Sharing the load

Hi O'Hooligan here.

Having arriving at the Ruskin Arena by a private ambulance, which mercifully dropped me off away from the prying eyes of the gathered press pack and media circus

I limped towards the gathering mass of players for Monday's weekly session unable to play as I was injured last week (I know this might be a shock for some of you who were expecting to something much grander but C'est La Vie* - Bewitched)

I enquired if Lord Rainford's sedan chair was available to carry me but was met with a negative! Committee Only apparently!

Anyway, on learning that I might be refereeing part of the session (OK I volunteered) instead I was met with many ribald comments and in particular from the three former lady officers of the law!

Poacher turned gamekeeper, was one of the more polite terms that they used. Its nice to know they once protected us!

Good people really and always great company! Handy to know for the odd cycling without lights infraction

The games all went very well! There were no disputes or problems in any shape or form. The usual scowls and sporting snarls when decisions went against a couple of players but all in good humour and great banter too

Now to a subject that I know we can all help with! Do we ask too much of Lord Rainford? Every session he turns up with umpteen bags of equipment ranging from cones, bibs, defibrillators and footballs and items of sartorial elegance He never complains because his footman is always there to lend a hand it's just the way he is. No self-respecting member of the Landed Gentry would complain, instead his staff would evict a few peasants or flog the idle poor

But I think that it is time to share the load! I know from inside information, (Editor's note don't believe everything that you read) that we now have a shelf at Ruskin so our equipment can be stored there, how big the said shelf is remains as yet unknown but it will surely help in some way.

If anyone can help with transporting this equipment (footballs, bibs and cones) around please step up. It is all of our gear and we all need it to play our sessions So let's all Help Out or Stay Out (as a former Chancellor probably once said)

Rant over!

Take care all and be nice to each other. Cheers. 😇🇮🇪

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