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‘He’ is back

The gaggle of paparazzi gathered at the entrance to Sutton Leisure last night was testimony to something extraordinary Of course in a week of back page headlines finding their way to the front pages another comeback (El Presidente’s latest return) was hardly the week’s biggest news (but try telling him that) The Mediterranean weather encouraged a good turn out and a feast of excellent football ensured another night of barmy breezes and barmier tales in the post match analysis

19 players were quickly put through their paces and into their squads by Coach Davies Twin referees Herr Pitt of Düsseldorf and Fedyk of Kiev were given the task of calming the fevered brows of finely tuned athletes that are our players It was a recipe for a footballing feast as no one remarked

We had a rookie reporter join the gaggle on the gantry with Chris Gonzalo Higuan helping to compile notes for this Blog

The teams were;

Orange - Gary, Grav, Alain, Colin, Lord Rainford, Tom Stretch Parr and Jeff Betty

Reds - Deggs, Steve Honeyman, Joe the Ghost, Andy Capt, Les, Grazer

Blurs - Ian B, Rev Ian H, Gaz, Speedo Mick, Andy H and El Presidente

As usual whenever Orange played with their one man advantage their opponents were gifted a guest keeper Reds employed Gaz for large parts of the evening with Steve the Honeyman guesting for the Blues when required

The first game set a pattern for the evening with Orange and Reds pitched together in a see-saw affair There was the usual moment of controversy with Herr Pitt flashing a Blue Card to the Huyton hitman for a spot of simulation Ironic as he had been awarded a free kick for small push but in true Deggs fashion over-egged to include a triple somersault and tuck We saw a deft back heel from Grazer rolling back the years to find Andy Capt Too often however Reds passing was off the radar Orange growing in confidence with a more measured and patient build up Jeff tested Gaz with a neat attempted megs Gary marauded the middle of the park until succumbing to hamstring agh A good opening encounter to start proceedings

Blues proved much too strong and organised for the Reds with a brace from Ian H deciding the next match Our Cub Reporter emphasised the silky passing evident from Blues but in fairness efforts by Andy Capt and Les went close without hitting the target for the Reds

As ever it’s goals that win matches Blues rode their luck against Orange with Gary and Colin both going close

Deggsy produced one mystifying pass in the next match, but as was the story of his night, it found someone in space on the adjoining Sidac pitch Undaunted he tried a smart shot having been set up by Joe the Ghost but wide again - not your night Derek

Blues put Reds to the sword with a rare Father and Son moment being decisive A wayward clearance by Grazer returned to the corner of his net with delight by son Gaz

There was an astonishing sequence of saves by Mark Grav to thwart Blues - a triple series of blocks and diving clearances keeping Blues out as time ran out on the evening’s entertainment The cruelest blow was an own goal from Gary who diverted a pass beyond his wrong footed keeper to gift Blues another victory on a night where they were probably the strongest outfit

Once more Moneyball had thrown up some intriguing matches

Another very enjoyable night at Sutton Can we do it all again next week?

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