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Feat or Feet

Updated: Mar 27

With our wonderful Seamus O’Hooligan having a well deserved rest it falls to his protege Slugger O’Toole to try and stand in. That’s no mean feat I can tell you !

Speaking of mean feet (sort of) This brings me to an amusing incident during Match number Two yesterday played on Pitch B which saw our very own Referee extraordinaire Jeff Betty issue a warning to Gonzalo for a second time for coming in from the side on his good friend Tom Stetch … Betty exclaimed “that was ridiculous” and proceeded to railroad Gonzalo right up to the moment Gonzalo admitted he slipped as he went in making it look far worse that it really was. A second warning was reversed back to a first warning and the game continued. All smiles and handshakes at the final whistle I’m happy to say.

There was rumours of a cake fest courtesy of Eileen in the Slipper Salon which seemed to peak the interest of some of our newer members in the Locker Room,

It’s becoming quite an expensive experience to have a Birthday these days, with 41 players, three refs and several spectators this Monday, there will be some very wealthy Bakers in St Helens.

Anyway enough of my rambling, we do miss you O’Hooligan so rest up and we look forward to hearing from you again soon.

I’m off to board the Irish Rover once again

By for now

Slugger O’Toole

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