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Fall At Your Feet*

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

We’re delighted to have this rare chance to include a special Blog all the way from New Zealand kindly provided by members Paul ‘Roger’ Moore and Come on Eileen Nicholson The lengths some people will go to avoid paying Les Meldrew

“Off we went on our international scouting mission to Nelson, New Zealand. Here they play indoors with a smaller ball, the game has a much faster pace, there’s no 3 touch rule, and most players are younger than our average and slimmer: a lot slimmer! There’s little arguing with the Referee and you're not allowed to hit very hard shots, that immediately gets disallowed! As you might expect with all Walking Footballers the camaraderie is excellent!

Every player has a nickname and all were very welcoming to us. They wouldn’t charge us to play as we are guests! (Editors note this part needs to be editing out) The people playing originated from Colchester, Cornwall, Dublin, Crosby, Cramlington (Geordie outpost) and “North end" (I knew what he meant, Birkenhead) Now he was a nuggety little player who was difficult to get the ball off Oh and there was also a lady from Portsmouth who was thinking about playing in the future. Play up Pompey! Roger (The Cat) Moore kept a clean sheet in goal in the last game (that just never happens!) stopping 7 or 8 shots including one from Come On Eileen which crashed back off the bar (never happens either!) Only 1 other woman played apart from Come On but they are actively trying to recruit more (as spectator proves)

All players sport very fancy sponsored shirts which they all must wear. They use a pitch side white board to list games and update the scores after each match. There are some really decent players but sadly they just don't want to come back to the UK - why can that possibly be?!

Sunny blue skies and temperatures in the 20's. It's a very laid back place too. This is the life! But we are looking forward to seeing you all again shortly (after Easter) and meeting all the new recruits for the first time

So enjoy your walking football until we can all meet again!”

The Turks Head Boot Room South wasn't too bad either. Fall At Your Feet* - Crowded House (Aussie band including the Finn Brothers from New Zealand

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