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Council Workers

Birthday boy.

Hi O'Hooligan here.

On arrival at Ruskin Arena this morning we were met with the sight of 5 Council workers working away looking like surveyors!

Much later the hallowed ground of the dressing room the question was asked why was there 5 of them?

The Answer was plain as day; 2 to hold either end of the measuring tape, one to hold the ever-present clipboard, one to write down resulting measurements and one final operator to oversee the shambles!

My pre-session walk in the park initiative is continuing to be a great success with the same 2 people who started it taking part again this week, little acorns springs to mind

Kirsty did join in last week but I think that was just to hold me up in my drunken state! Come and join in, its a great way to start your day!

A new goalkeeper John Seddon joined us this morning. Good keeper, welcome to the Club mate!

Unfortunately he didn't get the memo that all shots taken by the Birthday Boy or Girl are supposedto be let in!

You will learn my friend!

A good morning was had by all, enjoyed it as ever!

Thanks my friends!

Cheers 😇🇮🇪

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