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Couldn’t finish his dinner

What's the first thing every young defender learns at his (or indeed her) mother's knee?

"Do not pass the ball across your own box".

That rule was broken after about 10 minutes by someone on the reds who will nameless (hem, hem).

Of course there is another rule for a defender at St Helens Walking Football.

"Do not give Ian Bridge a sniff of goal".

Breaking both rules meant the inevitable happened at Sutton Stadium and the blues went 1-0 up.

But the reds regathered and laid siege to the blue goals and but for some wayward finishing by (.....add the name of your choice here, they were all guilty.....) would have been streets ahead.

Coming the hour, cometh the man. Tom Parr took charge in midfield, ran...err sorry....stormed forward and put an unstoppable daisy cutter past the despairing dive of Dave Clarke. 1-1.

It was good to welcome Dave, his luminous boots and competitive spirit back after a long absence. And his namesake Dave had a fine match on his debut; but if he's not careful will catch the selectors eye to go in nets!

Great fun as ever and a fine match which finished honours even. As for next week well, the late Vera Lynn summed it up best :-

"We'll meet again, don't know where, don't know when.....".

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