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Cold Weather Blacks(Blues)*

'Twas a cold, wet and windy start to Monday morning at Ruskin Park's Soccerdome.

Andy Man and Les offered their thoughts on a potential Scouse breakaway league, and the overall feeling was that the troops were none too impressed with the suggestions. Andy-Man gave his view that "it’s not what this fantastic club is about" and his fellow Committee members fully support this view. St Helens Walking Football's ethos has, and always will be, football and comradery for all to enjoy. Our founder Michaylo once coined the phrase that still rings true; "we are a friendly club". Judging by our over 80 members, i'd suggest we may have something good we want to keep hold of here.

Discussions quickly turned into warmup and the teams were split Greens, Pinks, Blacks and Purple

The teams were

Black - Geoff, Phil, Dave, Gonzalo, Paul, Elaine

Purple - Tony K, Donal, Sheila, John P, Jeff Betty, Les, Tony Snakehips

Pink - Eamon, Norman, Chris W, Cockney Rebel, Andy-Man, John

Green - Tom D, Andy, Tom Stretch, Thatto Davy, Micha, Anita

First match pitted Green against Black. Gonzalo remembered his shooting boots this week and helped he Blacks to a 3-0 win, claiming all of the goals

On the adjacent pitch Purple took on Pinks. With Pink dominating the game with goals from Martin Briggs, John and Norman for a 3-0 win

The second set of ties saw the unbeaten teams

from the previous round meet with Blacks taking on Pink, both teams had chances But fought out a 0-0 draw.

Meanwhile on pitch number one Green took on Purples, playing out a 2-2 draw with goals from Tony K and Donal for the Purple and goals from Tom D and Andy P in reply for the Green

The final set of games saw Green vs Pink in a goalless hard fought draw, while pitch number one saw the Blacks round off proceedings with a 2-0 victory against purple goals from Gonzalo and Phil.

Notable for performances again from Donal, Eamon and Davey.

World Cup Fever has struck with Tony Snakehips introducing a World Cup sweepstake. It’s £1 for a team. Please ensure anyone who has reserved a team pays Tony when you see him next week.

*Cold Weather Blues - Muddy Waters

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