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Close to the edge*?

Our thanks today to Michaylo (Moneyball activator & Referee) Andy Capt (admirable stand in for Coach Davies) Bryan (fledgling referee) and Phil (Blog Correspondent) Any Club must be judged on how it can cope without some of its regular contributors - today you played a blinder!

With Coach Davies unavailable Andy Capt stepped up at the 11th hour (quite literally) and put the ensemble through his version of legalised torture Suitably warmed up Michaylo based his Moneyball nominations along familiar lines

The Teams were;

Green - Andy Capt, Colin, Les, Mark D, One More, Steve Honeyman, Dave Crusoe Robinson and Steve Goldie

With difficulty due to imbalance of Bib colours the other team were daubed the ‘multi-colours’

Multi-colours - Citeh Geoff, Jeff Betty, Tom, Phil, Nige, Tony, Wayne and making history today Anita (our first Ruskin lady player)

Congratulations to Michaylo for his shrewd selections from the Moneyball algorithm as, not for the first time, we had two very well matched sides During his stint as the man in the middle he refereed with a sensible laissez-faire manner, but his patience was sorely tested with some needlessly reckless challenges

Is it time to enforce a stricter observation of WFA Rules? Could we have some views in the comments beneath this Blog please?

The game was a very even affair with both defences well on top Andy Capt and Citeh Geoff marshalled their respective sides to great effect Anita showed some neat touches on her debut Nigel put in his usual whole hearted display Tom, Les, Colin and Phil were energetic as ever Mentions in dispatches must go to Mark, Steve Honeyman, Tony and Wayne

But it’s goals that count and in the end a solitary strike from Jeff Betty proved decisive His shot into the corner of the net, leaving the keeper helplessly grasping at thin air

A reminder that next Mondays game will mark the Anniversary of our first outing at Ruskin Drive Take a tip and save one of the little black rubber ball bearings to ensure you are there! We hope to see as many as possible down to play and then enjoy the rare chance to meet all members for a beverage at the Turks Head Cooper Street This hostelry is rapidly becoming the go to place for AGMs and the fabled Wednesday evening Boot Room discussions As mentioned in our last Blog we are in discussions with mine host about some new Club crested Bibs Lets have your thoughts about the safety of all players and the creeping recklessness that we’ve seen too often recently

Close to the edge* Yes (progressive beat combo from the 70s for those puzzled by the song reference- if you was a student then you’d get it or not!)

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I have been playing for 3 years. Now 3 sessions a week between Corby &Desborough. As the months go by we get fitter stronger & yes quicker. The most contensious issue is running, more arguments than anything else. Competitions can be a bit OTT, Physically.

So yes WF needs toning down

Peter Fitzpatrick
Peter Fitzpatrick
Sep 15, 2021
Replying to

Hi John We have a little running in our games but we are fortunate to have very firm referees usually The main issue we have is when one of our stand in refs takes charge Then we do have a more liberal approach to rules generally and one individual who is prone to think he can get away with reckless challenges That is unacceptable and will ensure dealt with tonight


Unknown member
Sep 14, 2021

Alex miller here.

What we are now witnessing in glasgow is sessions that are not even a tiny bit like walking football as it should be.running, tackling, kicking,arguments over all previously stated items are common. Glasgow life have lost all control of the sessions with the " coaches " unable to handle all the infringements that occur at every session. It is now all about getting the money into the coffers rather than the safety of the players. Very sad to see how the movement has degenerated in glasgow and surrounding areas.

Peter Fitzpatrick
Peter Fitzpatrick
Sep 14, 2021
Replying to

Hi Alex Thanks for your comments Our sessions are generally well balanced even affairs with the referees firmly in charge We've had 2 occasions now in 4 weeks and won't accept it Prior to tomorrow's games one particular individual will be spoken to His choice where we go from there But we will not allow this recklessness to continue All the best

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