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Cast Your Fate to the Wind*

SHWFC members marked the official start to their Spring-Summer campaign with a breezy session on the expanses of Sutton Leisure's AstroTurf last night in typical fashion Following a distratrous spell of injuries over the past fortnight it was a tribute to the Club that 14 players were prepared for their session in challenging conditions Coach Davies and Lord Rainford were employed as Coach (so no change there) and stand in Referee (and stand in he certainly did)

We welcomed old new boy Gary Griffiths along after a break lasting some 4 years and he quickly settled in to play a significant role in the proceedings The teams selected were;

Pink - Nigel, Phil the Power, Tony Snakehips, Lefty Bridge, Steve Goldie, Chopper and Les

White - El Presidente, Steve Honeyman, Tom Stretch, Gary Griff Griffiths, Joe the Ghost, Cockney Rebel and Grav

A gusting wind howled from the Far End into the faces of the Pink who made ythe most of their limited possession to seize an early 2 goal lead Efforts from Lefty and Phil catching the White too far advanced for their own good White finally coming to terms with their windy advantage struck back through Tom and Griff only to concede further goals one notable effort from Nigel especially before the break There was constant employment for the Coach on ball retrieval duties as many wayward clearances and poor passing would dispatch the ball towards Sherdley Park at regular intervals

the second period was in sharp contrast a reversal of the opening half Pink hemmed into their own half for long spells White employed a high press whislt their defence dealt with the occasional break only There were goals by Tom and Steve Honeyman 2 and Griff claimed a debut brace to impress the selectors In the notes assembled under huge pressure by Coach (when he wasn't chasing errant passes and clearances) White claimed a narrow 6 - 4 victory Grav and Tom found the net We did have some goal claims from Nigel in particular that would not stand up to scrutiny due to running But in the moment M'Lord waved away all claims and counter-claims

No matter what the true score was all agreed that it was a terrific contest in the most trying of conditions Most players will endure rain, sleet and snow but struggle to find a kind word for playing in gusty conditions Credit to all for an enjoyable game

The Boot Room was at its usual cerebral best as members dissected the night's play We did have a guest appearance by Disco Deggs nursing a dubious leg injury There was a moment of embarrassment for the Cockney Rebel who had offered an old Debit Card to pay for a round to learn it was declined Deggs claimed that the Chelski- supporting Rebel had been sanctioned, all his funds frozen Abramovic-style

So we look forward to Monday and Ruskin Drive and the visit of 1874 Northwich Over 60s The Club which was formed by the supporters of the old Northwich Victoria in 2012 is thriving after securing its own destiny after a torrid period for the old club The Walking Football section is one part of a true community outfit and we look forward to another fine Cup day in our own history

Members are urged to support the Club arriving in plenty of time to set up and welcome our opponents

Cast Your Fate to the Wind* - Vince Guaraldi Trio 1962 ( covered by Sounds Orchestral, Quincy Jones and Allen Tousaint among others

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08.04.2022 г.

Usual good report, enjoyed, Musical note, Three great JAZZ people get a mention, Guaraldi, Tousaint, & the fabuless Mr Quincy Jones, all part of MY collection, cheers.

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