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Business as usual*

At the risk of repeating last Wednesday’s Blog opening, a week really is a long time in Walking Football After a tempestuous session on Monday at Ruskin followed by tetchy kick around at Sutton Leisure surely the rest of the week would be tranquil and stress free? Hell no, we had a dramatic departure followed by emergency executive gatherings via Zoom Once the dust settled players and management headed to Ruskin to celebrate one year of sessions on that hallowed ‘turf’

In the absence of Coach Davies, who has been on retreat at Coach Land (mythical home of the snug fitting tracksuit) whilst brushing up on the latest tactics from the Mike Bassett playbook Captain Andy Capt. put the players through an exquisite series of stretches and drills including levitation practice (always a handy trick) and a cross bar challenge The enjoyment was obvious from the bewildered onlookers A spontaneous round of applause signalled their delight (or perhaps relief it was over)

Players had been urged to wear their Harry’s kit, including the infant size socks, and 9 players obliged to make team selection a relatively straightforward affair

The Orange team; Chopper, Lord Rainford, Cockney Rebel, The Ghost, Les, Andy Capt, El Presidente, Phil and Jeff

The Blues; Anita, Citeh Geoff, Grazer, Mika, Wayne, Steve Honeyman, Dave Seagull, Thatto Dave, Goldie and Mark

So 9 v 10 and general agreement that the teams were fairly even Orange started well and dominated early possession without threatening the 10 person Blues goal

Lots of huffing and puffing but too many wayward passes, trying to pass through their opponents rather than taking simpler options Blues weathered the early pressure and took an unlikely lead when Dave Grazer Clark bundled through a flimsy Orange defence to fire home Herr Pitt explained that he’d allowed Grazer to finish rather awarding him a foul on his route to goal

So despite the possession and probing Orange were behind somewhat against the ‘run’ (a foul surely?) of play Referee Pitt celebrated a call up to officiate at St George‘s Park for England WFA duties, with another defining display Demonstrating just why we play to WFA Rules, as the safety benchmark, he stamped out illegal challenges and most departures from the walk to the run Congratulations to Steve for the recognition and a pat on the back to SHWFC for helping him to achieve the honour

Blues soon doubled their lead with the excellent Steve Honeyman steering home his first goal after a sweet turn and strike Orange much the better team, playing some good football but humbled by 2 goals to nil No justice! As Orange tried to claw a way back into the contest before the half time citrus break, Steve was left to add his second goal embarrassingly unmarked by the high pressing Oranges 3-0 surely game over at half time

In an effort to level up the sides, Anita was the subject of a multi million transfer deal during the break In typical Citeh fashion the move was denounced as contrary to the spirit of financial fair play (you’re having a laugh) There was talk of taking the issue to the Court for Sporting Arbitration and weve got deeper pockets than you Finally with ruthless German efficiency Herr Pitt announced the transfer was complete and legitimate No fax machines were harmed at this juncture

As play resumed it became clear that Blues were not going to surrender their lead easily Mika had a fine game in midfield playing with great energy Goldie was a constant threat out wide on the left Thatto Heath Dave Barrow secured the victory with an excellent spell in between the sticks One save from Lord Rainford summed up Orange’s day a find drive turned around a post There was a spell of time wasting as Blues eased into the dying moments of the game The match ended with a flurry of mis hit efforts, high dry and not so handsome 3-0 to Blues

After the morning’s efforts a number of the players made the trip to the Turks Head to continue the celebrations Special thanks to Daryl and the Turks Head staff for supplying a buffet that was gratefully received by all present

Late breaking news Wednesday’s Sutton session will be our first joint indoor and outdoor games Indoor numbers will be restricted to the first dozen (that wish to play indoors of course) The Outdoor game will take place at the same 7pm time slot Both sessions will be played under strict WFA Rules created with safety uppermost in mind There’s no point in moaning or griping that is our declared policy from here onwards

Sutton High School Open Night has been rescheduled hence the late alteration to our plan

A final word on our changed circumstances Michaylo Fedyk left his position as Club Secretary last Thursday We would like to place on record our sincere thanks for his efforts for SHWFC since we formed in 2015 We wish him well and have bestowed our first Life Membership to Michaylo as a symbol of our gratitude

Business as usual* The Eagles

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