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Blackpool Rock*

We are indebted to our Secretary John Lord Rainford Hawkins for this Blog record of our first Cup Action of 2022

St Helens WFC Over 50’s started and ended their participation in the WFA National Cup at Sutton on Sunday, with a bit of a demolition at the hands of Blackpool Senior Seasiders.

Our squad was: Andy Capt, Tom Stretch, the Ox, Steve Goldie, Disco Deggs, Vicar of Dibley, Cockney Rebel & Phil the Power.

Blackpool were represented by Messrs Carter, Fielding, Holgate, Jackson, Moody, Moss, Playforth, Shannon & Watson.

It was great to see so many Club players and friends giving up their Sunday afternoon to experience such torture; and amongst those we should single out Club Founder and former Secretary, Michaylo Fedyk. Good to see you, Mike!

Thanks to the use of Coach Davies' handy rope the pitch and goal areas were marked out beforehand to the satisfaction of our old friend and whistle-blower extraordinaire Herr Pitt (for it was he). But there were signs before the start that SHWFC might be up against it. When a team turn up, not only in matching shirts, but also shorts and socks and two complete goalkeeping kits; you know they mean business.

Cockney Rebel and Phil the Power started on the subs bench for the first half with Tom Stretch gamely volunteering to go in goal. Early exchanges were tentative, but it was quickly clear that our tangerine-be-clad opponents; worked to a system, knew where their teammates would be; and consequently much of the play was in the St Helens half of the field. Tom’s hands were stinging from having to parry a couple of early drives when a careless pass out gave Blackpool the chance to open the scoring, 1-0.

This set the tone for much of the game. Blackpool pressing, brave defending by St Helens, but not enough composure on the ball and – truth be told – some unusually poor passing – let Blackpool pile on the pressure and two fierce Blackpool shots which our keeper had no chance with put Blackpool comfortably in front. Inn an effort to refresh things up front and to stiffen the defence Cockney Rebel and Phil the Power were introduced for Disco Deggs and Steve Goldie; and either side of half time St Helens enjoyed their best spell in the game with some half chances and a degree of pressure, particularly early in the 2nd half when another tactical switch let Derek t return for the Vicar of Dibley to stretch the Blackpool back line.

But the Tangerines were not to be denied and after putting Tom in midfield to use his long legs to good effect and putting the Rev' in Goal, despite more good keeping, it was Blackpool who found the net and at 4-0 it was game up. More goals were added and even with a refreshed Ox replacing a tiring Andy Capt near the end Blackpool were not in the mood to let our brave lads get even a consolation. In the final minute, when Stretch had a choice of going for glory or passing to either Disco Deggs or Goldie (he chose the option we all would have done) and went for glory. And so the match finished with Blackpool the worthy winners

7-0 Lets give credit to the scorers: Carter (3), Moss (2) and Holgate & Moody 1 apiece.

It was one of those days, but the effort and application of our team could not be faulted; and the turnout was fantastic and appreciated by all our exhausted – if deflated - teammates. But never mind everyone, Its Monday tomorrow, Ruskin Drive, 10:45 11:00 kick off. Brace up, brace up!

Congratulations to Blackpool, and good luck in the Cup to them.

Blackpool Rock* With my little stick of………..George Formby!

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