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Alive And Kicking*

News of Monday morning’s Ruskin Sports Village session teams were;

Purple - Mark (no relation) Davies, Les Meldrew, Charlie, Tom Stretch, Sheila and Andy Man(anger)

Orange - Aldo, Little John, Cockney Rebel, Steve Jones, Snakehips and Phil the Cat

Black - Haggis, Enoch, Gonzalo, Colin the late Williams and Barry Wizz

Yellow - Andy Zac, Simon K, Wickie, Kirsty, Grav and Steve Honeyman

Pink - Jim, Les H, Kenny, McSpeed and Michelle Monday

Sky - Tomo, Lefty Bridge , Citeh Geoff, Amazon Prime and Phil the Power

Pitch A

Pink 3 (Mike2, Jim) v Yellow 1 (Harry Kane)

Yellow 2 (Grav, Andy Zac) v Black 1 (Colin)

Yellow 0 v Sky 2 (Amazon, Phil)

Pitch B

Sky 0 v Black 1 (Haggis)

Sky 2 (Lefty 2) v Pink 1 (Jim)

Pink 2 (McSpeed, Michelle) v Black 2 (Haggis, Gonzalo)

Pitch C

Orange 6 (Steve Jones 2, Aldo 2, Cockney Rebel, Snakehips) v Purple 3 (Tom Stretch 3)

Normal sessions resume Monday 3rd June at Ruskin Sports Village 10:45 and Wednesday 5th June at Sutton SoccerDome at 6:45

Club Annual General Meeting will take place at The Wicket Ruskin Sports Village 7:00 pm on Thursday 30th May 2024

Alive And Kicking* - Simple Minds

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