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Abductors* - a Kidnapper's weapon?

Mark the date Monday 29th March 2021, just over a year since the very first lockdown and the merry men of St Helens WFC resumed their walking footballing endeavours with a great gusto. In truth some possessed the sign of great guts but after everything why not?

A record turnout pf 24 players plus a couple of hardy spectators took to the AstroTurf in anticipation of the promised gentle exercise soon to be challenged by the combined efforts of John Davies and the Chairman. Lest it be forgotten it was a very unseasonably warm morning too, with a measure of bright sunshine thrown into the mix. A good warm up after 3 months inactivity was always going to be vital, and JD stretched his charges into shape with great vigour. The Chairman then introduced a set of steps to invite participants to try er walking (not as easy as it sounds). The introduction continued with mazy dribbles around assembled cones, by the end of that members were relieved to be presented with 4 teams, 2 games and the chance to have a blow.

And blow we all did! Heavy legs and unfamiliarity with the ball meant that the quality of play in the opening play was not up to usual standards but the work will play off as we regain full regular twice weekly sessions.

The Sky Blues: Tony, Chris, Geoff (happily restored after his recent operation), Michaylo, David Hamer (debutant) and Matt Dickinson (another debutant)

Played The Greens: Phil, Colin, Dave Grazer Clark, David Trenner, John Hawkins, and Steve

This Blog thanks to Phil and Chris –

A slow start to the proceedings with everyone getting used to playing again, The Greens found it difficult to get out of their own half at times and when they did Geoff and Michaylo snuffed them out and set Tony and Chris off at the other end. Neat work from Tony and new boy David helped to set Chris up twice to put the Sky Blues 2-0 up at Half time. The half time break was very welcome. The heat along with the excellent warm up led to quite a few of us blowing at half time.

The second half saw a more stretched game as the Greens desperately tried to get back in the game. Sky blues goalkeeper (possibly on his debut) pulled off several brilliant saves in the second half to keep the greens at bay. The pressing however left gaps at the back with further goals from Chris and new boy David rounding off a great team move. 5-0 flattered the Sky Blues really but a game (if not the result) was enjoyed by all.

Goal scorers

Chris Fitz – 4 and David Hamer – 1

The Reds: Les, Andy, Mick, Wayne, Martin B and Peter

Played The Blues: Alex, Mike Andrews (debutant), Joe, John Davies, Martin B and Tom

This was a cagey affair mostly because to a man everyone had heavy legs and struggled to come to terms with playing once again. The Reds shaded the early exchanges but could not score to save their lives! Shots limply wide or trickling through to the keeper peppered the game. Half time and a chance to recharge the batteries made little impact. However, The Reds finally asserted a hold on proceedings and took the lead thanks to cool finishing by Les. Greater organisation by The Reds pinned the Blues in their own half for much of the remaining game. A smart finish by Mick ensured The Reds had a lead that rarely after was threatened. In the end a 2-0 victory and score-line that was well deserved though laboured by The Blues hard work and Red’s fatigue.

A good morning’s workout and we will all be the better for it!

See y’all on Wednesday evening at Sutton 7:15

Abductors* - Hawkins J - "sounds like something a kidnapper would would do.."

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