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A bit of a tester

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Rainy skies over Sutton Leisure and our heroes ready to do battle once more with the elements, the kind of night to separate the men from the other men. 19 players ready to play, stretched off and warmed up but how do you blend 19 into 3 teams? Not easily the obvious reply.

For the record we went with 2 x teams of 6 and 1 team of 7 There would be one player loaned to each under-strength outfit during some games, fair enough let’s get busy.

Reds - Ian B, Deggs (an injury doubt), Colin, John D, Alan and Martin (Banjo)

Blues -Andy, Steve, Jeff, John H, Mick (Burtonwood) and Martin (B for Cockney)

Orange - Chris, Mick H, Ian H, Phil, Dave, Joe and Tony (looking very strong even without the extra man)

The first match up pitted Reds and Blues and produced an epic tussle with both sides having the ascendancy but unable to find the win. A single goal was enough to settle the match in favour of the Blues, some excellent work all round. Jeff and Steve to the fore for Blues whilst Colin and Ian B for the Blues keeping Andy fully occupied in defence.

Enter the pre-tournament favourites the mighty Orange, like a hazy night in Holland. Blues gave a good account but were eventually undone with some clinical finishing by Chris. Crisp passing and movement a feature of the game. Results went pretty much to the expected pattern in Reds v Orange More goals by Chris but a decent fighting effort by Reds including an audacious goal by Colin as Orange we’re sorting out their goalkeeping problem. Reds squandered possession on numerous occasions with wasteful shots from almost anywhere on the pitch from the returning Taylor. Not the time to be doing his fitness test and stretching the damaged hammy.

Blues and Reds matches were close affairs including a notable draw. But generally the Reds struggled to clear their lines hemmed in for long spells by both opponents. The final match up featured the unbeaten Orange and the plucky Blues. And what a contest it turned out to be! Chris weighed in with his usual goal but the Blues rallied and at 2 a piece had the temerity to take the lead with goals from Jeff and Steve giving Blues an unlikely advantage. Orange forced a reply and pushed for 2 minutes of late pressure to try and rescue a draw. As time ebbed away it was Blues who found another goal via Mick (Burtonwood) Andy marshalled his rearguard to great effect and Orange were unable to find a way back. Blues winning a thrilling game against the odds. A lesson in organisation and clever breakaway attacking overcoming individual talent and a little sloppiness. A terrific night’s entertainment

It would seem that Sutton curse of the far end had a night off for once.

Well played all.

A footnote -our Health & SafetyMan Les Barack is due to undergo surgery very soon. Our best wishes go to him We are sure he will be back soon to full effect

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Peter Fitzpatrick
Peter Fitzpatrick
22 de out. de 2020

Apologies to Les I wrote Brack and the predictive text changed it to Obama Honestly

Not Fake News at all

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