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25 or 6 to 4*

Ah numbers can prove or disprove anything 'lies, damned lies and statistics' - Mark Twain Bet he never defended a narrow lead with the clock ticking down! Let's pause to raise a toast to the news of a new recruit - Martin Cockney Rebel Briggs welcomed a new Grandson to our numbers with Charlie born at 23:51 on Friday last 3rd of June Martin celebrated the new arrival with a fine goal at Monday morning's Ruskin session We look forward to welcoming the family connection in 35 years or so (sobering thought right there)

Ruskin Drive AstroTurf was bathed in grey humid cloud for the assembled good fellas Treasurer Alex Greasy Thumbs Jackson put in an appearance to deliver cash for this weekend's Over 65s National Cup game at Blackpool and to grab the subs to deposit in the Swiss numbered account El Presidente prepared the ground work for the game with a brief but vigorous warm up, meanwhile Les selected 2 sides to do battle The division of 15 players was overcome with a degree of abandon and 'get on with it' El Presidente declared that changes would be made if necessary and that threat ensured a fairly even start to the game

The teams selected were;

Purple - Tom Derby, Tom Stretch, Debutant Michael (Norman) Bates, Sheila, Mika, Dave Seagull, Lord Rainford and Donal

Neon Yellow - Cockney Rebel, Tony Snakehips, Les, Andy Capt., Anita, Phil and Thatto Dave

The morning's opening goal was claimed by Tom Derby who was able to take advantage of a slip by keeper Thatto Dave, who lost his footing at a critical point Tom left with the simple task of firing into the empty net The sides were brought level soon after when the celebrating Cockney Rebel fired home 1-1 and no obvious issues of lack of balance Neon's almost took a deserved lead following a lovey move with Phil setting up Les who moved across his defender with aplomb to fire goalward Tom Stretch Parr used his full reach to turn the shot away Andy urged his side to take control, praising his side's movement and shape Neon seemed to be on top if only they didn't give the ball away so cheaply at times

Finally the extra player did make a significant breakthrough with Purple able to withstand pressure (Lord Rainford evoking his inner 'have it', fight them on the beaches stuff) to break away and feed Dave Seagull (who was lurking in the Hanger role) wide on the left A spot of good fortune presented him with a chance to fire past Anita who slipped Thatto-like at the crucial moment and Purple were 2-1 ahead As play stretched Tom Derby was on hand to push Purple further ahead with neat finish for 3-1

At this stage Neon were struggling to break the stranglehold that Purple were enjoying Lord Rainford continued to swat away all comers with his uncompromising style Mika was covering the hard yards with his customary energy and was on hand to finish a good move that had stretched the Neon rearguard 4-1 to Purple and less than 12 minutes left to play

El Presidente then played his own Ace with his unilateral decision to even up the sides by arranging the multi million£ switch of Mika from Purple to Neon Suddenly things took a decisive turn Neon rather than struggling to make impossible passes had options for easier passes Purple could no longer hit long passes to their extra player At this stage Les produced an excellent bit of tracking back to jockey Donal and then Tom Derby, Neon were now fluid and back with a real chance

Phil found the target for Neon when he followed up his own effort to find the net He'd tried to get a right foot shot off only to be partially blocked by new boy Bates (who had an excellent first outing) But The Power wasn't to be denied and reacted first to bring Neon back at 4-2 With six minutes remaining Phil cleared all the nets with one searing effort Then a penalty converted by Thatto Dave meant it was 4-3 and still time for more goals At this stage Lord Rainford produced a Row Z clearance, on other days perhaps the defining moment but undaunted Neon played with great patience and were rewarded when Andy Capt., calmly slotted home from close in 4-4 and the momentum firmly with the Neon The unlikely win was denied when Cockney Rebel found the side netting despite the celebrations of some team mates

Time elapsed with Purple able to hang on for a draw that their earlier dominance probably deserved Neon had played well but at times wasted possession It has to be easier to pass round an opponent than through them

So 4-4, 8v7, 23:51 and lots to admire A good day to play Walking Football and for once we all agreed

A reminder our Over 65s travel to Blackpool on Saturday morning to play their National Cup tie Kick off 11:00am AFC Fylde Ground PR4 3JZ

25 or 6 to 4* - Chicago 1970 Jazz rock classic

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