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Election fever gripped Sutton Leisure Centre on Wednesday night with the media frenzy caused by the snap election interfering with game preparations The election to determine our Spring midweek session arrangements was called by the Chairman & Secretary (Con) and surprised players and evidently Executive members alike

Laura Kronenburg (BbC busybody) did get an insider viewpoint “Who are you and have you completed the Health Questionnaire? Oh right I know nothing about it” Meldrew V. The Ballot conducted by Returning Officer Lord Rainford is an exercise in democracy, using a preference system much loved by proportional representation luvvies The results will be used to decide which night/time and venue will be our midweek home from mid-March through the Spring and Summer months All midweek players will be polled including regulars who might have been unaccounted for on Ballot night But will not include Associate members or Monday morning only players

Exit polls suggest that the result won’t be available for perhaps another week so watch this space

As for Wednesday’s action, players split between those seeking solace in the white heat of the Sports Hall (Leavers) and the gallant (foolhardy Remainers?) group that braved the elements on the AstroTurf Savannah

A separate Indoor Blog will follow soon but for now our focus is on the Dirty Dozen who warmed up and divided in to two teams for their immersion in the evening’s fresh conditions

Orange - Rev Ian H, Tom, Gaz, El Presidente, Grazer and Jeff Betty

Blue - Andy Capt, Gary, Disco Deggs, Phil, Cockney Rebel and Goldie

There was a late substitution with the Disco Diva joining the Blues to allow Snakehips Tony to play indoors

The game was another feast of quality football with great passing and movement on display Blues had some early success with slick play but no goals to show of their efforts Orange were set up to soak up any pressure relying on swift inter passing to turn defence to offence Rev Ian H was prominent with surging drives deep into the heart of Blues defence His initial goal set up by silky link up play by Tom, Jeff and Grazer (whose unpredictability was a very positive feature of the night) Gary grabbed a reply for the Blues but El Presidente rolled back the years with a sublime curling effort that eluded the keeper before nestling in the far corner of the net Jeff increased the Orange appeal with a goal of his own 3-1 to the ‘citrus‘

The game entered an interesting period with Blues trying hard to find parity A dubious penalty was spurned by Disco Deggs with Gaz smothering the big toe drive Almost immediately Blues were punished with Gaz converting a drive to give Orange further breathing space 4-1 Phil dispatched a volley inside the near post to give Blues a glimmer of hope But Orange were able to find another goal through Gaz to restore their advantage 5-2 Rev Ian H settled the match with his second of the night

Gary‘s second goal close in after a free kick was merely a consolation As time ran out the 6-3 score line merely emphasised Orange‘s grip on the night‘s honours

The St Trinians Hockey gals crowded the near corner to get a glimpse of the final 20 minutes of their footballing pin ups and DIsco Deggs too

1,2,3* - Len Barry


Indoor Blog now follows

As we’ve already seen Coach Davies’ plans was dealt an untimely blow with late arrival of Snakehips Tony to ship Disco Deggs off to the AstroTurf wastelands

The resultant teams were;

Sky - Coach, Lord Rainford, Snakehips, Nigel and Speedo Mick

Tangerine - Les, Ian B, Alain, Ghostly Joe and Grav

Referee Herr Pitt of Düsseldorf got proceedings underway with a hearty blast of his whistle, another good performance if not a tad benevolent with his observation of keeper area infractions

The first period ended all square at 3-3 Tangerine were to peel away with a good second half showing and 4 unanswered goals before Speedo claimed a late consolation Speedo had another bewildering night with his internal gyroscope guiding into the area to concede a penalty and he out of area during his stint as keeper 2 penalties conceded to undo his otherwise good work After a series of penalty blunders before he probably needs to stay up front out of the way Tangerine will need to address their penalty technique (especially as they get so many) One step means one step Herr Pitt probably thought to himself

The night’s other highlight was that rare feat a goal scored by French International Alain, who at the 4th attempt finally beat the despairing grasp of M’Lord There was great relief when he forgot to honour his promise and drop his shorts but a goal is a goal One for the personal record book

The indoor sessions remain hot and intensive with the occasional breather most welcome by all combatants

Outdoors the greater space allowed by lower player numbers (8 or 9 a side is too frantic and far less enjoyable) has brought greater quality to the games

Either way we’ve two great games now being enjoyed by all

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