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Storm Debi's first victim!

S O’Hooligan

13 Nov 2023

Watch your feet!

Hi O'Hooligan here! Well I arose this morning well aware of the incoming storm named Debi. I had took precautions last night and prepared my Brylcreme so my hair would not be an issue and blow into my eyes!

We all gathered wrapped up in our warm gear and awaited selection! Sheila after being selected got involved in a conversation and was then shouted forward for team photo. 'On my way.' She called and started to move swiftly to said photo and suddenly disappeared Del Boy style! She had tripped over the Defibrillator and gone flying!

As you can imagine she sprang up as if nothing had happened but we knew better! That bloody storm Debi blew me over she said! All the ladies, supposedly friends were in kinks of laughter! It was funny but like the warrior she is she just carried on!

The games went well. Colin reffed our game and only blew the whistle about 4 times, one of them was a sneeze. Very good thanks!

Coffee house was happy with cake in abundance. Phil doing us proud with 2 selections! Thanks again! Come on Eileen produced some sort of pastry things but I never got anywhere near them and none were left so that is a good result all round! Cheers for now! 😇🇮🇪

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