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Quiz Fever

S O’Hooligan

19 Oct 2023

Cold Grey Matter

O'Hooligan here! Well quiz fever is reaching boiling point with only hours left before battle commences!

Our Misunderstood team are in fine fettle with most taking it easy last night at Sutton Soccer Dome! 3 of the team played indoors so there grey matter would not get to cold. I played outside cos I have none!

Steve Carine stayed at home swotting under the guise of injury and Thatto Dave spent the evening at Preston University just fine tuning his knowledge of American history.

But all in life could be a quiz question! This morning I was timing how long you can dunk a digestive biscuit in coffee till it breaks and how many bills a week does the postman deliver to the average household!

More than average to our house! With this quiz master Crafty Cockney he could ask us anything! Anyway I am wasting valuable study time writing this must get back to my comics and see how fast Billy Whizz runs and how many members were in the Bash Street Kids! You never know! Cheers 😇🇮🇪

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