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No Pain

S O’Hooligan

12 Oct 2023

No gain

Hi O'Hooligan here! Well its Thursday morning! I know cos my body is aching from last nights game! I wonder do the under 10s, who we have to wait to finish thier game before our skills are shown off feel as sore as I do. Or the under 16s who play on the joint friendly 4G pitch next to ours, do they have to use the bannisters to get up and down the stairs! Probably not! And the lad who was telling his dad about his great goal he scored, is he having the same glow of satisfaction as I am about my toe ender which ended in the net! I hope so! Is the pain worth it? Dead right it is! I am a walking footballer and we love the pain, its like a constant companion! Bring on Ruskin on Monday! Now just pass me that extra cushion! Cheers. 😇🇮🇪

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