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Monday bloody Monday

S O’Hooligan

25 Sept 2023

Irish Dancing Warm Up

Hi O'Hooligan here. Well my guards let me out for Mondays session at Ruskin! Beautiful morning. Me and Kenny and New ref Les sorted the goals out. Leaving lots of room behind pitch 3 so no-one would have to go into spooky woods to find balls launched over the 30 foot fence! We had a little game of Rugby with a ball from the next pitch, see its not only us! And then the gang arrived and all was set! I was invited to do the warm up which was great! Got all the hearts going good style and fooled all into Irish Dancing to finish off! Then we kicked off........... A bloody great parachute landed on pitch 3 with a little space capsule thing under it! A little green man popped out and said 'is this the Utah desert?'. 'No mate wrong stop.' Was the reply. Bloody Jet 2 are rubbish said the little green man. 'Fancy a cuppa.' I asked 'yes' he replied so off we went to my green room to wait for the CIA to find us! Cheers.😇

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