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S O’Hooligan

29 Sept 2023

Hot off the press

O'Hooligan here! Initialisationalism! A word many of you will not have heard but it is out there! I have campaigned against it for years and it raised its ugly head on Wednesday at the Sutton Soccer Dome! After braving the latest weather storm to hit the UK I arrived in good spirits! As did alot of my clubmates. El Presidente arrived with his latest bit of kit from Fitzs International trading company which was a sweatshirt in red or oil black with a built-in snood! Good garment to be fair! Only a tenner with club badge and (wait for it) 2 initials! Yes shocked reader 2 initials! Initialisationalism in its worst form! What use is that to a man from a country that likes to use the whole alphabet for a first name! I have ordered one as I should being Clubman of the year (have I mentioned that before) but it will remain blank as a canvas! Man of mystery! Initialisationalism you heard it first here, the fight goes on! Cheers 😇🇮🇪

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