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Fleecing Fitzies

S O’Hooligan


Fitness or Stupidity

O'Hooligan here again. Last night after getting fleeced again by the Fitzies and battling through the maelstrom across to the pitch we stood there drenched and cold and looked down 100 or so yards to where all the balls had been blown by the gale! Pitch one and two had been set up so myself and Wicky ran all the way down to get the balls back only for them to blow back straight away! Now wouldn't it have been sensible to set up pitch 3 instead of pitch 1 or were we being tested for our fitness levels? So throughout the games if your pass was an inch off target (as most are) you had a 75 yard run to go and get it! Fitness or Supidity what do you lot think? 😇🇮🇪

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