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Burnley or Bust

A O’Hooligan

16 Oct 2023

But not on the busses

Hi O'Hooligan here! Well after a dark weekend when my beloved Ireland were beaten in the world cup I rolled up to Ruskin to put a smile back on my face. We are on the road this week taking part in a small tournament in Burnley tomorrow. It has been planned like a military operation!

Les has got us all free bus timetables with hand written instructions! Take the 320 to Wigan and then the 556 to Bolton and then the National Express over to Burnley! Only travel after 9 30 so you can use your bus passes and the club don't have to pay any travel expenses! A wise man is Les! Tight as a drum but wise! Getting back to Ruskin.

Gonzalo came out with a wonderful word which had umpteen letters in it that I thought I could use in one of my little ditties. When I asked him what he had said he replied 'not a clue just rambling my displeasure.' I will have to make up my own ramblings again! A good mornings work that put a smile back on my face. Bring on Burnley! I hope the buses aren't on strike! Cheers 😇🇮🇪

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